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Today’s Pickup: Blade Runner futurist designer Syd Mead conceptualized Volvo trucks

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For those in the trucking industry, if you know the name Syd Mead it is likely that you are either a fan of Blade Runner or another of the movies that bear his signature works, or you worked at Volvo Trucks.

Mead, now 85, is an “American industrial designer and neofuturistic concept artist.” His most famous work is Blade Runner, but his futuristic designs can be found in movies such as Star Trek: The Motion Picture; Tron; 2010; Aliens; Timecop; and Mission Impossible II.

It turns out, Mead is also famous around the Volvo Truck offices in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Liam Keating, a graphic designer at Volvo, told the story on his blog Art Station.

“In my first weeks at Volvo Product Design, I found myself in a meeting room staring at some pictures on the wall. A colleague asked ‘Can you guess who drew those?,’ I replied that although it could not be the case they looked like something Syd Mead would have draw,” Keating wrote.

Keating was right. Mead had, at some point, worked for Volvo. Keating’s post doesn’t note when that was, but the pictures certainly have Mead’s signature on them. After receiving permission, Keating was able to share the images hanging on the walls of Volvo’s Gothenburg’s offices.

The full selection of images are available on Keating’s site:

Did you know?

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Final Thoughts

The revelation that conceptual images of Volvo trucks drawn by famed futurist artist Syd Mead exist is proof that art knows no bounds, and while your trucking company may not have any Syd Mead artwork hanging on its walls, sometimes it worth exploring just what is inside the four walls of the office. You never know what treasures have been staring you in the face the entire time.

Hammer down everyone!

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