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The Next Generation in Trucking Association (NGT) is a nonprofit dedicated to exposing young people to career opportunities in trucking and creating programs to help them develop the skills needed to succeed in the industry. 

“Around 34% of juniors and 41% of seniors in high school have already decided on a career path,” said NGT President Lindsey Trent, who co-founded the organization with Dave Dein in July 2021. “We are trying to get them at that age to explore careers in trucking.”

NGT primarily focuses on high school-aged students but also partners with community and technical colleges to launch training programs all around the U.S. A fundraising campaign also is underway for the creation of educational materials about trucking careers that can be used in schools. 

Vice President Dein said NGT also is working on a CDL curriculum that high school teachers can use. 

He noted that the organization has met with 55 high schools across the U.S. over the last year that are interested in starting trucking programs. 

Trent added that the ultimate goal is to create material that can be spread universally to create more awareness around the different opportunities available to the younger generation in trucking.

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