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YRC next-day regional service expands in mid-Atlantic

Enhanced service part of companywide transformation

Less-than-truckload carrier YRC Worldwide (NASDAQ: YRCW) announced Monday the further expansion of YRC Freight’s regional next-day service. The service will now be offered out of 13 terminals throughout the mid-Atlantic.

The Overland Park, Kansas-based carrier said the service will run out of selected terminals throughout Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina and Washington, D.C. Richmond, Virginia, will be the hub for the region.

“Through Regional Next-Day service, we’ve enhanced operations to offer what customers want most — faster transit times and lower costs,” said Chief Network Officer Scott Ware. “We’re excited to continue streamlining and optimizing operations for the benefit of our customers, as we continue building an unmatched super-regional network.”

The next-day expansion is part of the company’s overhaul, which has streamlined leadership, sales, technology and its five operating companies into one company on the same network with one point of contact.

The turnaround has also been aided by a $700 million Treasury loan, $400 million of which has been slated for replacement of the company’s older fleet.

In August, the carrier announced a similar expansion throughout the mid-South and Texas, adding more two-day lanes in the region.

“YRC Freight’s superior Regional Next-Day Service offers our customers lower costs by handling less inventory, faster transit times and more streamlined supply chains, as well as fewer damages from less freight handling,” said Chief Commercial Officer Jason Bergman. “We remain obsessive about providing safe, fast, reliable and high-quality service to our customers. And this is backed by our greater on-time performance where we offer Regional Next-Day.”

The press release said the company was currently performing in line with or better than the industry’s best-run fleets with 99% on-time metrics and a 0.13% claims ratio.

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  1. Preston Corp., one of Maryland’s largest and oldest publicly traded companies, has agreed to be bought by the giant Yellow Freight System Inc. of Delaware in a $24 million cash deal that allows the troubled Eastern Shore trucking company to avoid bankruptcy.

    Sounds like something from the past!

  2. Yea right before this company changes anything again it needs to start with management from the top to the bottom. It’s not the employees that do the labor for this company it’s BAD MANAGEMENT corporate and local terminal management. They always blame the labor for their problems but a employee can only work as smart as the management you make dumb decisions you get dumb results. It’s like this we at CLT653 have seen this first hand I see it as corporate management has swung that bat for the past 15 years and struck out every time what makes you think that they can hit a home run now. Like one customer said about changing the name back to Yellow you can put sh:t show on the side of that truck and your service still sucks it’s y’all’s management that’s the problem thing is I couldn’t agree more. 35+years with this company it’s a shame it’s like it is

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