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ZUUM Transportation launches agile shipper platform

Shippers need value-adding tools to navigate supply chain problems, COO says

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The pandemic has put a focus on shippers’ ability to be agile. Many are looking for capacity in different geographical areas and having to trust new capacity partners, leading to lower productivity and a lack of on-time service.

ZUUM Transportation, a Los Angeles-based automated logistics platform, is launching ZUUM BEYOND TMS for Shippers, including products ZUUM Business and ZUUM Enterprise, to help shippers navigate their new supply chains and automate office workflows. These products will be an expansion of the company’s current Logistics Super Platform.

While BEYOND TMS includes access to ZUUM’s vast carrier network, it offers other tools that increase operational efficiency, including fleet management, carbon footprint tracking and workforce gamification, and it has the ability to integrate with existing softwares.

In an interview with FreightWaves, Matt Tabatabai, the COO of ZUUM Transportation, emphasized the need for systems to have other value-adding tools in order to help shippers manage their current and future supply chain needs. 

Tabatabai touched on the Biden administration’s plan to cut carbon emissions and how ZUUM’s platform can create carbon footprint reports for executives to review. This information is transparent when making pricing decisions and choosing carrier partners in real time.

ZUUM BEYOND TMS platform offers full transparency (Photo: ZUUM Transportation)

This system has every tool needed for shippers to run their own fleet as well. Fleet managers have the ability to call and text drivers and to create task countdowns for employees, as well as the potential to manage their accounting team. These tools lower the barrier to entry for small companies that do not have the means to invest in costly legacy tools.

ZUUM offers shippers accounting platform (Photo: ZUUM Transportation)

Tabatabai explained this expansion was a part of a continued effort to bring competitors and partners together to solve industry pain points.

“This is the future; the industry will need to be more agile,” said Tabatabai, and he believes ZUUM Transportation will continue to offer the tools for shippers to keep up.

To view ZUUM Transportation’s platform in action, check out its demo presentation on Day 3 of FreightWaves Global Supply Chain Week.

For more information, visit ZUUM Transportation’s website.

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