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3PL keynote: Reinke sees TIA ‘in the center of the supply chain’

Transportation Intermediaries Association president and CEO touts value of relationships

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This keynote recap is from the FreightWaves 3PL Summit. 

KEYNOTE TOPIC: 3PLs’ role as advocates for the trucking industry.

DETAILS: The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is a group of approximately 1,200 members representing the interests of the freight brokerage community. In this fireside chat with FreightWaves’ Kaylee Nix, TIA’s Anne Reinke discusses what it takes to be a successful broker, the rise of digital brokerages and what her members are seeing in the market. 

SPEAKER: Reinke is the president and CEO of the TIA. 

BIO: Reinke became head of the TIA last year, having joined from the U.S. Department of Transporfation. At DOT, she was  deputy assistant secretary for congressional affairs. Prior to her tenure at DOT, she had been with class 1 railroad CSX, where she worked in its federal affairs office in Washington, ultimately serving as the vice president of government affairs. Reinke also worked at the Association of American Railroads and High Speed Ground Transportation Association. 


“We like to say we’re in the center of the supply chain. We’re in the middle connecting shipper to carrier and what we have found is that we can best advocate for both.”

“In order to differentiate yourself in this business, you’re going to have to invest in visibility technology. That means transportation management systems where you can identify the best carriers so that you’re not just looking backwards, you’re looking forwards.”

“When it comes to the last five weeks, we have seen year over year that our volumes are lower. When it comes down to earth, there may be people who panic and try to get out of the marketplace. So we have been telling people not to panic.”

“I’m not afraid of digitization. But we should also make sure our commitment to people stands true.”

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