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Airforwarders Association and FreightWaves forge data and media partnership

Industry leaders join forces to illuminate cargo insights

Washington, DC and Chattanooga, Tennessee – The Airforwarders Association (AfA) and FreightWaves are pleased to announce a partnership to provide deep market insights, operational benchmarking and exclusive media content to the freight forwarding community through the Forwarder.News website.

The Airforwarders Association is the voice of the air forwarding industry, representing more than 275 organizations dedicated to moving cargo throughout the supply chain.  As an alliance of indirect air carriers, cargo airlines and affiliated businesses, AfA advocates for the interests of the freight forwarding community, and provides members with education and resources to operate safely and efficiently.   

FreightWaves will work with AfA member companies to provide them with market intelligence, data-driven performance metrics, and unique operational insights. In addition, FreightWaves will create near-time data analytics and news content that can help member companies navigate challenges and opportunities in the market. 

FreightWaves has recently invested deeply in air cargo and global trade data, by adding a team of four full-time air cargo journalists, hundreds of data series that are based on air cargo movement, and ramped-up analyst coverage of the global air and cross-border trade areas. The company has also recently rolled out the latest version of its information platform, SONAR 5.0. This upgraded version provides actionable airline performance data, TAC and Drewry rate indices, mapping tools, and other critical information for the air cargo community. 

“The Airforwarders Association represents the most important organizations in the freight forwarding industry, with deep engagement with the air cargo and forwarding communities. Through this partnership, we will create the fastest and deepest set of analytics in the air cargo and forwarding communities ever offered,” Craig Fuller, CEO of FreightWaves stated. 

Brandon Fried, the Executive Director of the AfA, described the FreightWaves relationship as an enormous resource for members of the association. “Through this partnership, we will be delivering the first-ever near-time analytics platform to the freight forwarding community, based on the actual operational performance of AfA members. This cloaked data will maintain the privacy of individual organizations, while offering enormous value to AfA members. The aggregated market intelligence will offer insights which will mitigate operational and financial risk, drive revenue growth, and improve the quality of their service offerings across their networks.”

In addition to adding journalists and creating data partnership with AfA, FreightWaves will be developing media content specifically for the air forwarding community. An air cargo TV program and podcast are planned for the first quarter of 2020.  Expect additional content on FreightWaves for the air forwarding world to be announced in the next few months. 

FreightWaves will have a large presence at Air Cargo 2020,  AfA’s annual conference, in Nashville, Tennessee on January 26-28, 2020. FreightWaves TV will be on air with the FreightWaves TV live-set and Craig Fuller will be giving a keynote at the conference. 

About AfA

The Airforwarders Association (AfA) represents more than 275 member companies dedicated to moving cargo throughout the supply chain. The association’s members range from small businesses with fewer than 20 employees to large companies employing more than 1,000 people and business models varying from domestic to worldwide freight forwarding operations. In short, they are the travel agents for freight shipments, moving cargo in the timeliest and most cost-efficient manner whether it is carried on aircraft, truck, rail or ship. For more information, visit the association’s website at

About FreightWaves

FreightWaves is the leading provider of news, data and market analysis for the freight market. The company’s news site,, is the number one freight and logistics news site globally and receives 2.7X more on-site engagement than any other freight-related news site. The company’s SaaS product, FreightWaves SONAR, is the industry’s first and only data and analytics platform providing participants with visibility to millions of aggregated freight market data points. FreightWaves’ core customers are both freight industry professionals and financial institutions with direct and indirect exposure to the trucking, maritime, air cargo and intermodal freight markets. For more information, visit

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