Week in Trucking: Atlanta bridge collapse, food safety and more drivers are staying in their jobs

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In this week’s edition of the Week in Trucking, a major bridge collapse in Atlanta will cause traffic nightmares for months and the trucking industry sees a significant drop in driver turnover. Also, are regulations forcing trucking companies to run unsafe trucks?

Bridge collapse in Atlanta, Interstate closed

A fire underneath an I-85 bridge in Atlanta caused the bridge to collapse, shutting down the highway. While there were no injuries reported, the time to repair the damage could be months, shutting down a major Interstate highway through the area. (Atlanta Journal Constitution)

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Food safety and fleets

The deadline for carriers to comply with the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is fast approaching. The goal is to ensure safety throughout the food supply chain, and carriers have specific practices they must follow. (Fleet Owner)

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Driver turnover drops significantly

According to the latest data, the driver turnover rate in the truckload sector has dropped to its lowest point in six years following a 10 percentage point drop in the fourth quarter.

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Can tax reform, infrastructure bills be passed together?

Fresh off the heels of health care bill failure, President Donald Trump is pushing ahead with two of his other big priorities: tax reform and infrastructure. According to multiple reports, though, Trump has plans to do both massive bills at the same time. (The Hill)

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Regulations are creating safety issues

Jim Burg, CEO of James Burg Trucking, told Fox News that the cost of Obamacare and EPA regulations are making it hard for trucking companies to remain competitive and profitable. In addition, some of those regulations are forcing his company to run older trucks without the latest safety equipment. (Fox News)

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Public-facing campaign

President Donald Trump’s visit last week with trucking groups led by the American Trucking Associations is part of a push by the industry to improve the public profile of trucking with the general public. (Fleet Owner)

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Digitizing the supply chain

As more of the supply chain is digitized, it is leading to a more integrated system of goods movement, whether participants like it or not. (Supply Chain Brain)

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