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Breaking News: 400-truck LTL carrier suddenly shuts down (with video)

Sources reached out to FreightWaves on the afternoon of July 11 to report that less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier LME has suddenly and abruptly shut its doors, notifying shippers they were ceasing operations. 

LME is a regional LTL carrier, based in Minnesota, that operates throughout the Midwest. According to the company’s website, LME has terminals in 30 locations across the U.S. and through interline agreements services all of North America. The site also lists some of the carrier’s major accounts, including 3M, John Deere, Osram Sylvania, Brake Parts and Toro. 

The company claimed that the team included “over 600 men and women.” Saferwatch lists the company having 382 power units and 1,228 trailers, with 424 truck drivers.

LME has been caught up in litigation with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) over disputes related to Lakeville Motor Express, which also abruptly shut down right before Thanksgiving in 2016. According to the Minnesota newspaper, StarTribune, LME was described by the NLRB as an “the alter-ego” of Lakeville Motor Express. 

In an article on June 17, 2019, the Star Tribune described the circumstances behind a $1.25M back-pay ruling. 

About 95 Lakeville Motor Express truckers and dockworkers were abruptly locked out of their Roseville job site without notice or pay just before Thanksgiving 2016. While Lakeville Motor Express filed for bankruptcy, affected workers claimed the entity actually continued to operate, just at a different location in the Twin Cities and under the new name LME Inc.

Numerous articles related to the Lakeville Motor Express bankruptcy suggest that the owners bankrupted the union carrier, resurfacing as a non-union carrier under LME and Finish Line Express brands. The NLRB ordered the $1.25 million in backpay to be paid starting within 60 days from April 30, 2019, or the amount would double to $2.4 million. It is not known if the backpay or fines were the cause of the sudden closure. 

This evening, the corporate website has a notice that says “effective immediately LME will no longer be accepting any pickups.” The Facebook page also linked to the company’s website was also down. 

This is the fifth major closure in 2019. The others were NEMF, Falcon, Williams Trucking of Dothan, Alabama, and Indiana-based A.L.A. 

This is a developing story.

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Craig Fuller, CEO at FreightWaves

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  1. What a useless company…. left hundreds without jobs! My husband has been there 12 flipping years… nothing like getting a call to come pick your personal belongings up right this min…. should’ve known…. they did your same crap in Minnesota🤬

      1. Yes as well as have been told by all higher ups that the 3 weeks of pay wont be paid. They hold 2 weeks and pay weekly

    1. This is Emily a driver recruiter from G&D integrated. Have your husband give me a call to go over opportunities and details of G&D. 309-284-6888. Thank you.

    2. My husband was one of the original 90 union drivers shut out in 2016 when LME, or whatever they called themselves at the time, closed the Minneapolis terminal. They simply wanted to oust the union and renig on their contractual obligations. In doing so, they pretended to sell the MPLS terminal, then pretended to go bankrupt and start up a new company with a new name. (All the trucks and other assets were transfered to the new one. They even recruited some of the LME drivers prior to the closure, with promises of more money and better benefits.) There wasn’t much support at the time from the rest of the non-union folks at other terminals. I remember thinking why on earth would anyone stay with a company that treats its drivers so abysmally and that it was just a matter of time before they did the very same thing to everyone. The owners and upper management have no regard for their employees. It’s all about lining their own pockets and protecting their own interests.

      1. No shyt.. start your own company. Let them fucckers pull their own fucking loads. I don’t work for companies I don’t care what they do. I’m a business owner i would’ve done the same to protect my pockets.

        1. Then you are same typt of a..hole bucherson …. Hope your shitty business will be shut down soon too ..

    3. I’m so sorry to hear that you all are experiencing this! My name is Renee & I’m a Driver Recruiter with WEL Companies. We are a refrigerated company based out of Wisconsin. We’re looking for many qualified drivers to help grow our business – Give me a call to learn more at 920-278-4353

  2. Another Chameleon carrier… they will just do it again but they will change the players this time…crooks

  3. As well as the union employees yet agin LME Is not paying the 400 or so employees there paychecks they just closed and told us they are not paying or last pay checks which is a total of 3 weeks

    1. If they have clocked hours, they are required to pay them. It’s the law. I worked at a trucking company and the drivers got paid by the load. We couldn’t not pay them if they had loads or hours turned in. That is illegal and they can sue for their paycheck. Probably nothing left but they are required to do so.

    1. shitty part is finish line is lme inc so im confused as to why lme closed but finsh line express wich is the same owner is still running

      1. Finish Line is NOT part of LME and has totally separate ownership and management. It remains open as LME was only a customer to FLE.

        1. Don’t kid yourself. Roger Wilsey and Mike Sanford are owners of both and make all the decisions for both. I worked at LME in WLO from 2014 until March 2019 as an outbound supervisor. Mike Sanford was our director of operations and was who I would call if I couldn’t get a hold of the terminal manager. When asked about the allegations of an illegal name change and movement of assets, Mike told the Star Tribune in 2018 that he has “nothing to do with LME.”

          Their dishonesty is the main reason why I left. I couldn’t stomach being their representative at the terminal.

          My heart and prayers go out to the drivers, dock workers and office personal that made working there 5 years worth it. As for Mike, Rodger and others in upper management I only can hope that they see the error of their ways and start living honest lives.

          Sad. just sad.

        2. Nancy,
          I was certain that not one person was fooled by this sham called FLE. Apparently I was wrong; you Nancy were fooled. Same ownership sure smells. Roger, Mike, Kevin and others are shady and FLE is not and has not been separate.

  4. So sad that all these hard working men and women lost their jobs today.

    1. Kinda what I was thinking, I’m still a rookie at 20 years but I’ve never heard of them either been up in the Midwest a lot too

  5. Not surprising to be honest. The people running Lakeville Motor Express 2.0 have never given a crap about their employees. They back out of 401k matching without notice or explanation, they drop spouse insurance coverage, and they do anything and everything to put more money in their pocket no matter who it screws over. I’m so glad I got out of there when I did. I feel terrible for those that just lost their source of income so abruptly.

    1. Its unbelievable that they could pull this stunt again – if you still have contact with any of the drivers I know fedex ground/express in Roseville is always in need and NM transfer too

  6. The people who are affected by this shutdown are surprised? Stunned? Never thought it would happen to them?

    You went to work knowing what the owners had done previously to Lakeville.

    1. I disagree, you have to call out companies when they act in bad faith. Shutting down unexpectedly and not paying for work that has already been provided is unconscionable. Especially when it appears the reason is to get out of paying backpay for previous shenanigans. Which seems oddly similar to the strategy that got them into their legal woes to begin with.
      If a company wants to shut down, then it’s only fair that they meet all obligations before the process is complete. If a company is truly insolvent, then the owner should not be allowed to open another company of the same type without either having to wait a particular length of time (8 to 10 years) or meeting its previous obligations to past employees.

  7. Some of trumps very fine people, screwing the folks at the bottom just to escape from paying a liveable wage, vote labor friendly, people!

    1. You should leave your hate for our current POTUS out of your comments. It makes you look dumb when you spout untruths. Since the tax cuts of 2018 we have received higher pay and bonus pay and we have been hiring drivers. Union jobs for the first time in quite some time are becoming more plentiful since all sectors of manufacturing are going gangbusters.

    2. Labor friendly!!!!! Lmao!!!!!
      Tell that to all the Teamsters that lost there jobs and or had there pension cut or lost.
      How many Teamsters jobs are actually left that offer good pay and benefits?

      1. Teamster members have increased during the last two years. Sorry to hit you with facts. Wonder why the union leaders are oddly silent this year on bashing POTUS? More steel jobs, more driving jobs, Auto manufacturing is up, aluminum production is up, construction is up…can go on forever. Record low employment for all minority groups and women. Wages for the low and middle class have been raising at a much higher rate than the wealthy. Remove the blinders and see the truth brother!

        1. This economy started to rise under O’Bama, you need to do some research. Trump and his maga’t followers do not have anything to do with it, and no wages are not increasing for low and middle class higher than the wealthy. The wealthy received huge tax breaks and the majority of low and middle incomers actually paid taxes or received substantially less than previous years. You are the one with blinders on friend.

          1. What a joke, not sure where this pipe-dream that today’s economy is Obama’s doing but here we see it boldly proclaimed right in front of everyone. Obama had nothing on earth to do with today’s economy – NOTHING. Name ONE thing he did to cause this – just one. You can’t. He almost single handedly killed our business (energy sector) and we are just now recovering. Had he had more time or if Hillary got in our whole industry would have folded. I’m middle class, making more under Trump because I got my Federal Taxes reduced and higher pay raises. You do the research and learn how to spell the idiot’s name. #walkaway from the job killing left.

          2. Alan, I’m not a huge Trump fan – mainly because of his Tweets/arrogance – but I strongly disagree with you. I can’t tell you how many companies I know that were at-best nervous about the 2016 election, knowing Hillary would have been bad for business. I can tell you that my company, and I know others who did exactly the same, used the Trump tax breaks to invest heavily to grow our business. While there were good breaks for companies to spur growth, I can say that my personal taxes have gone up under Trump… and I’m as good with that as I can be given how much our government wastes, regardless of who is in the oval office. The number of people we serve has increased drastically during the Trump admin with them doing very well compared to previous years. We have only increased our internal headcount slightly but we’re paying employees more and have increased benefits during the past 2+ years. I can tell you that I was nervous about the ability to grow a business had Hillary been elected.

  8. Sorry to hear of another company going down like this, Please call Holland we will put you to work we are in the same region and go to the same areas . please call #616-395-5761

    1. Didn’t I hear that your pension is running out of money in a few years and your drivers will have no retirement?

        1. You should be forthcoming and let potential driver applicants know that they’ll be working like a dog on the Holland docks for a very long time before they see the inside of a truck.

  9. Please call Emily with G&D Integrated at 309-284-6888 for driving opportunities. We offer competitive wages, more home time, and great benefit package!

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    1. I forgot to mention we also have openings in many locations for Clerks, Mechanics, Supervisors and so much more. If it’s a full-time union position you will receive 100% benefits paid by the company. Those benefits cover you and your immediate family. Give us a call!! If your in my locations above press on my name and send me an email all call you or email you more information.

  11. For any drivers in Wisconsin (Green Bay or Milwaukee areas) email me and I’ll see what I can do to get you driving again. I’m a Recruiter that specializes in placing only CDL Drivers. The majority of our positions are local, home every night!!!!

    1. If you have clocked hours, they are required to pay. It’s the law. I worked at a trucking company and the drivers got paid by the load. We couldn’t not pay them if they had loads or hours turned in. That is illegal and can sue for their paycheck. Probably nothing left but they are required to pay.

  12. You made a mistake in this article. You are reporting the wrong initials for the alter ego company named in the law suit. It’s Finish Line Express FLE not LME. LME stands for Lakeville Motor Express and the carrier used these initials and it’s logo for years before this issue came forward. Was this error on purpose to not disparage the new company?

    1. Nope it is LME that went out of business. My husband worked there until yesterday. Same Company that did this to people in MN 2 years ago.

    2. “LME does not stand for Lakeville Motor Express” exact words Mike Sanford said to us when they bankrupted Lakeville Motor Express and kept operating under the same decals. I was told it was only a name change but found out the truth later. Some corporate people came to our terminal in fall 2017 and were upset that we had posters up with a small Lakeville Motor Express name on it in the corner. I think they made us purge the name from the terminal because they new that what they were doing was illegal. Lakeville Motor Express, LME Inc and FLE are all owned and opperated by Roger Wilsey and Mike Sanford. This is the second time they have done this “banckrupt” act the day before payday. and held three weeks of pay. How do they sleep at night?

      1. It’s the old saying… screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me ! You should not have worked for a company that had done that before, simple

  13. If ‘Collective bargaining’ had not become a code term for ‘Find out how to do as little as possible’ or ‘No integrity’ businesses would not be shutting down to avoid dealing with unions. We all know the foolishness that occurs in these facilities. “We’re not under production rules” “That guy closed my door” etc. Companies have to make money (judged by profit, which comes from production) to stay in business. Freight has to make schedule for other businesses to use their services. That cannot happen in an environment that encourages a dysfunctional employee vs business relationship. Pension funds are going bust because productivity has fallen so far (profits) that said companies cannot afford to pay into them; not to mention the prime working age individuals that are sitting out of the workforce for reasons of foolishness, creating the need to keep everyone working as long as possible. I find it astonishing how many folks cry ‘Evil company!’ while at the same time trying to sabotage the work place.

    No one is against you, but you!

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  16. My boyfriend also worked there until yesterday. He just got his first pay check last week. He went through alot to get this job for them to do this. I feel bad for all the other people that this affects to.

  17. They need to start prosecuting these crooked bastards under the RICO Statutes. This is organized crime in it’s purest form…

  18. I think that the employees need to start a class action suit to get our pay. I worked at LME for five years as a Dock Worker in the Milwaukee terminal. I hear that we’re not getting paid, there is no way I’m going to accept that. I bet those fat cat criminals at the top got paid and now, I can’t do anything. Class action suit. Contact your local employment attorney’s. I think there’s grounds for a case here. THEY ARE COUNTING ON THE IDEA THAT WE WON’T UNIFY. WE HAVE TO SHOW THEM THAT WE CAN AND WILL. THEY OWE US OUR PAY. If it comes to it, they’ll be paying our attorney fees too. Make no mistake, they’re not going to pay us if they’re left to their own devices. These people are crooks.

    1. All you can do is file a wage theft complaint with your State Labor Board. Then be prepared to wait. It took over two years for anything to happen with the 2016 Minneapolis LME workers who were stiffed and they even had the Teamsters working for them.

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  21. This just goes to show that the trucking industry counts on screwing the driver in order to make a profit. Any lawsuits by the employees will usually result in closing their doors and filing chapter 7 bankruptcy, it’s much easier than doing the right thing and treating drivers like human beings. Not all companies are this way but most are. They lie about caring for your safety and that’s why safety is so important but in reality, the more safety programs the company has, the more discounts they get from their insurance.

  22. I worked for LME out of Council Bluffs, IA. They not only screwed everyone over but the had recentlyost a big account John Deere. That cost them over 9 million in revenue. Not to mention the issues with funding through banks etc. This bankruptcy is there way of screwing everyone and being able to continue living in those million dollar mansions. We want our money. We deserve to be paid for what we did.

    1. I manage the Omaha, Ne terminal of Farner Bocken Co, a division of Core Mark International. We are hiring route delivery drivers and offer a competitive salary, home nightly, a 4 day work week, and comprehensive benefit package. We deliver grocery items to mainly convenience stores. Check out our website: and apply online if interested.


  23. Shame on LME 2.0 employees for working for the same owners that screwed over employees the first time…

  24. Call Valley Express LLC. We are a great company out of Oshkosh, WI. We have local and Chicago runs and also OTR. Chicago and local are home every night. Apply on our website or call 920-231-1677 and tell them I sent you. Good pay and quarterly bonuses and profit sharing. Good luck to all drivers and people put out by this.


  25. What about all the employees here in the Kansas City Terminal. This just makes me sick to think all these people that depended on there pay checks like me & my boyfriend so we/they can pay the bills we/they have & boom NO FREAKING MONEY JUST LIKE THAT!!!

  26. i am wondering that also. some of our freight is at the terminal in Fargo i am told by another carrier they may return it to us or it may go to litigation. Ugh! we used them for much of our shipping nation wide!

  27. Altus Materials in looking for drivers in the Twin Cities area! Look for our ad on

  28. I worked at the Milwaukee terminal Until I was called in off my route yesterday along with all the other drivers and told we were done and the company was closed. Don’t know what I’m going to do. They are crooks plain and simple I would be great with a joint law suit. They owe us for what they’ve done.
    As for those saying we shouldn’t have worked for a company who had done this in the past. Most of us had no idea about it when we started. I didn’t know until now. They are going to keep this up if something isn’t done!

  29. I am so so sorry to hear about this horrible event. I am with JB Hunt Transport. Please call me I will definitely do what I can to help any of you get jobs asap. (479)820.3482

    1. Does this also include the Kansas City location? My boyfriend had just started working at Lme got his first paycheck last week then they shut down this week without paying there people. He needs a job quick we have house bills & car payments.. He wants a direct hire, no temp services.. You can email me info at .. Thank you

  30. If some of these drivers would start working for smaller companies and have some dedication instead of going from job to job maybe they would be in a better position. Most drivers don’t even consider small companies because they cannot afford all the luxuries that they want. Most of the small companies help their employees out and you’re not a number. Maybe if some of these drivers would consider it’s not all about them when they’re looking for a job! Instead of asking what can you do for me maybe they should say what can I do for you!

    1. My husband has been a trucker for almost 40 years. He’s worked for a number of smaller companies, which eventually get eaten up by the big guys. He’s ready to retire and take a permanent rest from the dog-eat-dog business of trucking. He’s been a loyal and hard-working employee. It’s the guys/gals behind the wheel that keep it all going and our commerce depends on them.

  31. Another mediocre company run out of business by poor management and big unions, when will you sheepole ever learn? You can’t keep spending money on shit to keep up with the neighbors then cry that you’re not making enough money. This just ends in a problem as you have now!

  32. The Wilsey’s are the scum of the earth! They made sure they got theirs and then screw the hard working employees! Karma is a bitch and the Wilsey’s will get paid back tenfold! Two incompetent boob lazy ass sons as VP’s who would not have had jobs unless daddy owned the company! These people are pure evil!

  33. Everyone should send a post to Shari Wilsey’s Facebook page and tell her what scum she and her husband are!

  34. I’m so sorry that you all have had to experience such a devastating hardship! My name is Renee and I am a Driver Recruiter for WEL Companies, a refrigerated company based out of Wisconsin. We are looking for qualified drivers to help grow our business. Please give me a call for more information about opportunities out of your area – hopefully we can help you bridge the gap and get you running again! My direct line is 920-278-4353

  35. I’m seeing alot of unnecessary political comments. Why are you mad at your fellow worker when you’re caught up in this too. You have the same struggle so stop finger pointing or trying to assert that your political side is correct because no one cares. Focus on the issue at hand which is the fact that as LME workers, we were screwed and now we have to get our money.

  36. There is a special place in hell for Roger Wilsey and that pig he calls his wife! They cancelled everyone’s insurance on 7/3…8 days before he shut the doors! Karma will stick it in his and that pig’s ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

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