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Building trust with your broker — withSONAR (with video)

Chris Seeds joins withSONAR to talk data-driven broker and customer trust 

Fresh off an appearance on WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Chris Seeds of Bridge Logistics joined Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor to talk all about the benefits of SONAR technology.

One word came up over and over again: trust. 

Chris Seeds talks building trust with your broker

As sales manager at Bridge Logistics, Seeds says trust is at the core of what makes his business successful and data is the ultimate key to truthful sales deals. 

Using the FreightWaves SONAR platform, Seeds has created his own series, What Not to Miss with Chris, aimed at explaining the data metrics supplied by SONAR technology. 

His main goal is the “why behind the what” of logistics brokering. 

Seeds believes his clients are so thirsty for information that he goes deeper than just what is happening with the freight markets. 

He says that the customer needs to be crystal clear on what the seller is saying and vice versa. Companies should “have that childlike curiosity to ask those hard-hitting questions,” and brokers should “make sure that you’re listening instead of reacting,” said Seeds. 

Using SONAR data has allowed Bridge to connect with customers on a deeper level, but it also lends some credibility when things go wrong. 

Seeds says that dropping the ball as a broker can completely break the trust between a 3PL and a shipper, but using data can back up what happened so “when things go wrong, you have something to validate” it.

Bottom line: You can’t control everything in the freight market, but you can control the data you’re using to explain your decision-making process. 

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