Can America pick-up? (with video)

On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are shining a light on some of the good that is being done in the supply chain amidst the coronavirus crisis. 

13 year-old Logan Miller dials-in to tell us how he’s using his allowance to #thankatrucker

Steam Logistics CEO Jason Provonsha talks global trade and how freight volumes are looking from our borders.

Post.Bid.Ship’s Jon Payne gives us his view of freight flows from Spain. 

Plus, Good News Bad News concerning the stimulus bill, airlines, Chinese trade, HOS, AirBnB, nurses, and more.

Finally, we hear from our listeners in Comment Section Rodeo.

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  1. Around 27 minutes in the broadcast regarding Tim’s hypothesis in regards to a potential boon is “comforts” in the next couple of weeks , there is a slight flaw in that hypothesis .

    Where are those “comforts” going to come from if they aren’t essentials and non essential companies are shut down and the reason why most people are stuck at home not working producing/fabricating non essentials ?

    Then if we look at China reopening their factories ,listen to what Tim is saying at 39 minutes 19 seconds . They hit a wall , nobody is ordering anything except for very specific things like medical supplies and masks , and then as the Dude points out , the demand is not there !

    @49:23 ,yes Tim it’s termed as “Driver inc” which is referred to as a misclassified employee classified as an independant contractor .

    Now for the main reason for this comment of mine . It’s to quote Dude @ 54:15 !

    ‘right now they are very much needed , rates are going up ,but some of them are not seeing it in their pay check , AND @ 54:20 he says ” IT’S “THE MIDDLEMAN” MAKING IT !


    Now that statement is the reason why I came back here to comment ! The Dude is on the ball ! That statement highlights my prior headline which used to be next to my moniker , which used to be :

    ” Noble1 suggests SMART truck drivers should UNITE & collectively cut out the middlemen from picking truck driver pockets ! UNITE , CONQUER , & YOU’LL PROSPER !IMHO ”

    However, I’m no longer advocating for truckers to unite , thus dropped the headline next to my moniker .

    But thanks DUDE ! You nailed it !

    Be wise and be safe !

  2. Check this out !

    Quote :

    Coronavirus: New Brunswick truck driver questions lack of testing at border crossing

    As a truck driver, Sean Gillis is one of the only Canadians who’s still allowed to cross borders during the COVID-19 pandemic. But he says he didn’t realize that would prevent him from going about his daily life.

    On Thursday morning, Gillis was scheduled for an appointment at a TD Bank branch on Saint John’s east side.

    That didn’t happen.

    “They’re screening,” explains Gillis, “and they wanted to know if we’d been outside the country.

    “I said, ‘well, I’m a truck driver. I go stateside but we’re exempt, we’re essential services.’ and he said ‘well, you can’t come in here.’”
    Gillis says he was not offered the alternative for a phone meeting or to reschedule.

    Carla Hindman, manager of Coporate and Public Affairs for TDm says they’ll be reaching out to Gillis to find a way to make his appointment happen.

    “We are reaching out to this customer,” says Hindman. “I’m hoping that we’re going to find a way to resolve the needs that they have.”
    For Gillis, who’s been in the U.S. as recently as a few days ago, the precaution is understandable, but frustrating.
    “I take this seriously,” he says. “I could be a carrier, who knows?”

    Which, for Gillis, raises the question: why aren’t he and his colleagues being tested as they cross the borders?

    “It’s hypocritical, what these governments are doing,” Gillis says.

    He says he’s asked questions about how he’s feeling and what contacts he’s made that may have returned from outside of Canada and the U.S., but actual testing is not being done and personal protective equipment is not being supplied.

    “I understand that we’ve got to get the goods down to the American side,” he says, “but I think our health is important too.”
    Public health has said that workers in sectors such as transportation should practice social distancing and closely self-monitor for coronavirus symptoms.

    Gillis adds that, in his experience, screening for symptoms of COVID-19 is much more relaxed when coming into Canada than when crossing the other direction.

    “The Canadian side isn’t even asking how we’re feeling or anything like that,” he says.”

    End quote .

    That’s why this is leading to CHAOS ! While everyone else is prevented from crossing boarders who aren’t coming back home or due to non-essentials , truckers are allowed BUT by doing so are potentially a greater risk !

    Damned if you say the truth and damned if you don’t , LOL ! You’re now in the grey zone ! They shouldn’t allow truckers to cross boarders during this pandemic , period !

    It doesn’t make sense to waive truckers from responsibly isolating themselves if they travel as a precautionary measure while OBLIGATING everyone else to do so as a precaution . Especially since the US has now become the coronavirus pandemic epicenter !

    Trucker jobs that require truckers to cross borders should be shut down during the pandemic . Truckers should refuse themselves to cross the boarders . But then again , this just goes to show us just how irresponsible the industry and drivers can be . Sorry , someone has to say it !

    You people need to think man ! You’re putting yourselves more at risk and others while everyone else is in panic and being told to isolate . Canada & the USA won’t die if they cut off transporting between each other for a little while by road . It’s the contrary , they’ll be better positioned to SURVIVE and reduce spreading the virus between each other .

    In my humble opinion …………..

  3. La Corona-veer-us(corona-vir-us is veering us)

    I’m going off the rails on a crazy train -Ozzy osbourne CrazyTrain

    And keep your eyes on the road , your hands upon the wheel ! SAVE MY CITY !-Doors Roadhouse Blues

    Love the statement on the Dude’s shirt !

    Be vigilant & Stay safe !

    In my humble opinion …….

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