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Can transportation companies thrive with everyone working from home?

On this episode of “Great Quarter, Guys” we discuss with Ryan Schreiber at CarrierDirect how prepared trucking companies are to have their entire staff work remotely. We will learn how good their communication systems and operational processes are very soon. 

Plus, we interview Doug Schrier, VP of Product and Innovation at Transflo, about their new offerings for freight brokers.

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  1. Everything needs to be purely web based for this to work. Phones should be VOIP like Zoom or Ring Central. TMS should be web based like Ascend TMS (what we use). Accounting should be cloud like Quickbooks. AND your employees need to be self motivated to still work while Oprah or Dr. Phil are on daytime TV.

    THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE. you need to get prepared NOW. This s**t has officially hit the fan.

Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill is the executive publisher at FreightWaves, where he formerly served as director of editorial and research. Kevin is also the host of Put That Coffee Down, the popular freight sales podcast, a former freight broker and the founder of CarrierLists. Kevin holds an MBA from the University of Oklahoma.