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Carrier Details launches to aggregate federal data

SaferWatch founders back in data distribution game

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Mark Draeb and Kathy Sardelli first joined forces in 2000 to found SaferWatch, a digital platform to evaluate carrier risk using data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. SaferWatch, with parent company Grizella, was sold to what is now in 2018.  

Draeb and Sardelli are back in the game, announcing Wednesday they have launched transportation data company Carrier Details LLC.

Now Draeb and Sardelli look to tackle the messy issue of applying FMCSA, U.S. Census, insurance, safety, inspection and other industry data to companies’ daily operations.

“It’s dirty data,” Draeb told FreightWaves. “Trying to get your head around all of it becomes a challenge with a long learning curve. … Providing clients with consumable, reliable data sources for them to use from a compliance perspective but also as leads is where our opportunity lies.”

Sardelli said clients can receive daily distribution of every single DOT number or a customizable data file based on their needs.

“For the standard daily distribution, it allows clients to apply the data to applications including third-party compliance programs or sales applications,” Sardelli said. “The second offering lets clients pick and choose, honing in on certain characteristics. For example, if you are a company that sells to the transportation industry and you just want a daily report of all new DOT entities, we can customize to those needs. We are great at understanding what our customers really want and then being able to customize and provide that data to them in an economical way.” 

Draeb said venture capital companies, investment research groups and educational institutions also have inquired about available services. 

“Many of them are looking for data to answer industry questions like how fuel prices affect the growth of trucking companies. How do ebbs and flows of the market affect the fleet sizes of carriers?” Draeb said. “Universities also want to use the data to create their own benchmarking studies and white papers.”

But Sardelli indicated universities are not at the heart of Carrier Details’ mission. 

“This is a phenomenal industry fueled by blue collar workers who are competitive yet filled with camaraderie. There is so much support for the global success of everyone who participates in it. So as an industry, I am drawn to it and we want to continue to provide insight to those participants,” Sardelli said.

Watch now: New Launch of Carrier Details

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