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LoadBoard Network builds on PostEverywhere capabilities

PostEverywhere founder delivers load posting aggregation software

Mark Draeb, the founder of PostEverywhere, has launched load posting aggregation software with LoadBoard Network. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Solutions provider LoadBoard Network LLC announced Monday the launch of its foundational product, the LoadBoard Network shipment posting aggregation software, which automates load-posting operations for shippers and brokers that utilize various applications to find their transportation capacity.

The Hebron, North Dakota-based company was founded in 2022 by its president, Mark Draeb, the former co-founder of PostEverywhere, a load-posting service acquired by in 2018. recently announced it would be retiring the acquired technology on March 31. 

Draeb told FreightWaves that a number of load board partners, transportation management systems and customers reached out to him looking for a product they could continue to use to cover their shipments and grow their carrier partner networks.

Homepage of the LoadBoard Network. (Photo: LoadBoard Network)

For Draeb, this was an opportunity for him and technology partners to grow something new and dynamic for those users.

“PostEverywhere was 20-year-old technology, there was only so much one could do with it,” said Draeb. “We are coming out of the gate with the LoadBoard Network software but the best part is the infrastructure is all new. There will be unbelievable opportunities for customers as we add features.”

Currently, customers of the LoadBoard Network will be able to leverage integrations with partners like 123Loadboard, Comfreight, Delivery Brokers, Direct Freight Services, Five Star Load Board, Fork Freight, Freight2Cash, Freight-Terminal, LoadMatch, NextLOAD, Trucker Path, The Transport Carrier Network and Trulos. 

According to Draeb, as the LoadBoard Network begins to build products with blockchain partner dexFreight, the load board software company will be able to offer payment, messaging, smart contract and financing services.

While competing products are beginning to silo their services within their own customer and carrier network, Draeb believes creating a cooperative environment for carriers and logistics product providers will triumph in the long run.

“Small brokers, carriers and shippers are becoming much more proactive about leveraging technology,” said Draeb. “The LoadBoard Network is going to open up technology and opportunities to them that are going to be much more advanced than we are currently seeing from large load board providers.”

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