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Check Call with Scott Watanabe: Wax on, wax off

Training with the Freight Sensei isn’t for the weak

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On this week’s episode of Check Call, host Mary O’Connell and Scott Watanabe, director of training and agent development at Armstrong Transport Group, talk about building an effective training program from the ground up.  

The importance of hiring coachable and trainable people can not be overstated. When it comes down to a perfect resume or someone willing to learn and have an open mind, the ideal candidate will be trainable. 

Also on the podcast is a quick rundown of the current shipping container situation. There stands to potentially be a shortage. The most important thing is that box production and new container pricing are down, along with leasing durations and rates. Where shipping containers are concerned, it’s all down. 

Got any pain points or things you wish were better in the supply chain and the world of transportation? Contact O’Connell to be on a future episode of Check Call.

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Mary O'Connell

Former pricing analyst, supply chain planner, and broker/dispatcher turned creator of the newsletter and podcast Check Call. Which gives insights into the world around 3PLs and Freight brokers. She will talk your ear off about anything and everything if you let her. Expertise in operations, LTL pricing and procurement, flatbed operations, dry van, tracking and tracing, reality tv shows and how to turn a stranger into your new best friend.