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COSCO networks ‘safe and stable’ after cyberattack

The Chinese shipping firm reports its network applications in the Americas have been fully recovered.

   China’s state-run COSCO Shipping Lines said Monday its network applications in the Americas have been completely recovered after the company’s operations had been hit by a cyberattack last week.
   “All communication channels, including telephone, email and electronic data exchange, have been restored,” COSCO said.
   The cyberattack had resulted in network failures in the United States, Canada, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Uruguay.
   COSCO has yet to release any specific details about the nature or source of the cyberattack.
   “We are working at full stretch to process all the service requests received previously, and the service response is expected to be back on track within this week,” COSCO said. “Global networks of COSCO Shipping Lines are safe and stable, and our global business operations are steady and orderly.”
   COSCO issued a new FAQ notice Monday on the network restoration within the Americas region, which included some contingency emails that are still being used as it continues to come back online.
   In addition to its internet phone service and email being back to normal, COSCO said in the notice, “Our company customer service email is back to normal except U.S. LA/LGB.”
   As of 10:30 a.m. Eastern time Monday, some of the shipping line’s local websites, including the U.S. website, were still down.