Daimler throws down the electric gauntlet

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Daimler Trucks of North America (DTNA) released a line of electric vehicles yesterday making the industry goliath’s presence felt in the electric vehicle segment. DTNA also revealed at their Capital Market and Technology Day event they are creating a research and development department for automated trucks. 

DTNA is the largest provider of commercial vehicles in North America in terms of market share, and they have now announced to the world they are effectively dedicated to developing 2 of the arguably most significant technologies in the trucking industry. Other competitors in their space will need to show similar dedication if they believe either of these techs will be relevant in the future or they will continue to lose share to the commercial vehicle giant. 

Did you know?

During last year’s Roadcheck just over 62,000 inspections were conducted. 


“Heavy-duty electric vehicles present the greatest engineering challenges, but they are also the best learning laboratories.”

-Roger Nielsen, President and CEO of Daimler Trucks of North America

In other news:

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Airlines raise ticket prices as fuel costs surge

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Final Thoughts:

The technology that gets the most attention rarely is the one that makes the most difference in the short run. Autonomous vehicles may someday solve or reduce many of the big transportation issues we face today, but the technology is still a long way from being finalized.

Issues like road congestion and driver shortages are large problems that need to be addressed, but it is important to not get lost in the big ideas and still make attempts to solve the daily inefficiencies that may appear small. Some of these “small” problems may lead to big solutions. 

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