DHL shows how same day production and delivery of parts is possible

Deutsche Post DHL Group in cooperation with AXIT recently held a live demonstration of how a must-have repair part could be manufactured and delivered to its end user in a single day thanks to technology. 

The companies used a 3D printer to produce the part once it was ordered. The entire process was recorded and DHL released this video of the process to show how it was possible. Every link in the chain – man and machine alike – worked together seamlessly in a fully automated and digital process using modern tools of digitalization such as the internet of things, cloud-based technology, and data analytics, the companies noted.

“This example shows that same-day production and delivery of urgently needed parts can succeed if the processes are digitalized end to end and the production equipment and 3D printers can be connected with the logistical processes in a network," said Frauke Heistermann, Member of Management Board, AXIT GmbH, Chief Digitalization Officer, Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH.