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F3 demos: FreightTech visibility innovation

Demos showcase need for real-time data

FreightTech companies demonstrated their innovative technology solutions for fleets during FreightWaves’ F3 Virtual Experience Tuesday. These demos highlight how important visibility, communication and real-time data are for supply chains.

Improve profit margins or provide savings back to customers for better service using machine-learning technology to choose more cost-effective loads.

Check out the demo to learn how valuable real-time rates for loads and lanes can be for companies.


Share ELD data with network partners and find carriers using lane preferences that you set yourself. FleetOps can help increase margins and asset utilization.

Check out the demo to learn how to set lane preferences, find carriers and request freight.


Redwood Connect is a logistics platform as a service (LPaaS). It orchestrates connections between complex supply chain systems, including data from purchase orders, carriers, transportation management systems and trade partners.

Check out the demo to learn how Redwood’s LPaaS can bridge the gap between logistics and technology to streamline communication.


Tailor the TMS dashboard to meet your needs. Color-coded data and key performance indicators provide the data companies need.

Check out the Tai demo to learn how operations managers can update shipments, email drivers and track shipments using the same shipment truckload tool.


Easily identify which shipments need more of your time and get access to data in different areas to address the root of any problem using Turvo.

Check out the demo to learn how data from orders, inventory management and shipments can be seamlessly integrated.


CarrierDirect’s Lattis Link is a network of carriers and consolidation points. It’s an end-to-end solution that includes data-rich labels for parcels and provides information that various carriers require.

Check out the demo to see how Lattis Link labels’ online visibility could benefit your business.


Loadsmart’s Kamion trucking platform provides load data for current and future shipments across the country. 

Check out the demo to learn how Kamion could provide more shipment visibility for your company and your drivers.

Be sure to explore the rest of FreightWaves’ F3 Virtual Experience.

Alyssa Sporrer

Alyssa is a staff writer at FreightWaves, covering sustainability news in the freight and supply chain industry, from low-carbon fuels to social sustainability, emissions & more. She graduated from Iowa State University with a double major in Marketing and Environmental Studies. She is passionate about all things environmental and enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing, ultimate frisbee, hiking, and soccer.