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FedEx commits $5 million to four historically Black colleges

Schools in Tennessee and Mississippi to receive funds

FedEx commits $5 million to HBCUs (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

FedEx Corp. (NYSE:FDX) said Wednesday that it will donate $5 million to four historically Black colleges in Tennessee and Mississippi: Tennessee State University and LeMoyne-Owen College in Tennessee, and Jackson State University and Mississippi Valley State University in Mississippi.

The collaborative initiative is designed to help prepare students at each school for employment opportunities once they graduate, FedEx said. A portion of the multiyear commitment will be used to offer relief to students, faculty and staff at each school who have suffered adverse economic impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Memphis, Tennessee-based company said.

FedEx and the four schools have long-standing relationships. The company said it has endowed scholarships at Jackson State, Tennessee State and LeMoyne-Owen and has helped establish a career readiness program at Jackson State, as well as leadership summits in support of the Southern Heritage Classic for Tennessee State and Jackson State students.

In a statement, Judy Edge, FedEx’s corporate vice president of human resources, said the company hopes the investment “will keep more students in school” during the ongoing health and financial uncertainties and that it will “provide future access to leadership, educational and employment opportunities.”

The announcement was made as part of Black History Month, which is celebrated every February.

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  1. Jeremy Dixon

    I think this is totally racial biased and Fed Ex has had a afro-American president for the last from mississippi and why doesn’t Ole Miss or Mississippi State get some pandemic economic help from Fed -ex like they are giving Jackson State.Ups will receive mine and alot of my family and friends business. I will make this known nationwide about Fed -ex’s racially biased decision to fund colleges in Ms. and Tn. . This has to be a direct

    reflection on everything the Fed-ex co. stands for ,on matters of equality they Fed -Ex display without fear of display how they will support the afro-Americans before the caucasian students in Ms and Tn. Just because its black history month, Fed-Ex are you really serious ! A United States Multi- Billion $$$ company publically showing racial inequality, this is preposterous and needs further American’s knowing than the Jackson,Ms News audience.This could very well show American that they need to realize Fed-Ex doesn’t stand for equality and maybe UPS should be used more frequently.

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