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Filament announces adoption of MOBI Vehicle Identity Standard

Identity standard is a step into the future of mobility.

Image: Jim Allen/FreightWaves

Image: Jim Allen/FreightWaves

Filament announced its adoption of the MOBI Vehicle Identity Standard within the Blocket Mobility Platform, which is a turn-key vehicle identity (VID) solution created for integrated vehicle wallet and usage-based applications. 

Filament is a provider of enterprise automotive blockchain and internet of things (IoT) solutions. Its hardware, software and service solutions enable connected vehicles to securely interact with distributed ledger technology like blockchain. 

Filament’s Blocket Mobility Platform makes it possible for automotive enterprises to develop connected applications with vehicles. The Blocket Mobility Platform includes many advanced features such as a trusted vehicle wallet, managed hardware and data platforms, and secure transactions in a MOBI vehicle identity and General Data Protection Regulation-compliant environment. 

“MOBI’s vehicle identity standard is the first specification Filament has seen that provides explicit and well-defined data points to ensure that vehicles can be accurately discovered, recorded and accounted for,” stated Allison Clift-Jennings, CEO of Filament. “And while we expect additional document releases to enrich the current specification, this is an excellent start to a foundational unit for the future of autonomous mobility.”

The adoption of MOBI’s first VID standard enables Filament to create a connected system to trust and verify VID for digital applications. It can also be used with new products and services, such as automaker-owned and -managed marketplaces or payment programs based on usage. These advancements not only benefit consumers but the manufacturers as well.  

“Filament is thrilled to adopt the MOBI vehicle identity standard,” said Clift-Jennings. “It provides a strong foundation on which we can offer a truly neutral and globally available way to discover and validate vehicles. But most importantly, this identity exists for the lifetime of the vehicle, regardless of who owns or operates the vehicle.”

MOBI’s founder and CEO, Chris Ballinger, believes that Filament’s involvement is crucial to MOBI’s initiative to provide green, smart mobility ecosystems. “Filament’s adoption of the first vehicle identity standard is a reflection of our shared commitment to enabling trusted data communication amongst inter-operating stakeholders within the mobility ecosystem,” stated Ballinger. 

“This standard is a great first step in realizing the promise of autonomous vehicles,” said Clift-Jennings. “Filament believes that the future of mobility does not end with connected vehicles – and instead will require the ability for vehicles to have their own eWallet – to pay and be paid directly. And in order to do this, trust is paramount. This VID standard begins to address the fundamentals of trust, which the next generation of vehicles will require.”

Filament announced that its Blocket Mobility Platform will be available in early 2020.