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Finding your role in freight — WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

How to know where you fit in the freight landscape
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From brokers to drivers, salespeople to information moguls (like FreightWaves), the options for jobs in the freight industry are endless. Dooner and The Dude have found their place in the market and on this episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? they discuss how to figure out where you belong. 

First in headlines, there has been a slight dip in the spot market again with reporting the national dry van average falling to $2.71 per mile. This marks a 14 cent drop from last week’s average rate. 

FreightWaves reporter John Gallagher reports UPS is pushing the federal government to fund the transition to electric last-mile delivery. Thomas Jenes, senior government relations executive at UPS, pointed out the Biden administration has touted electrification of vehicles but has not given detail on plans to fund it. 

Chasing opportunities during COVID

With the pandemic changing the way people work, Dooner and The Dude interview Wasim Munayyer, president of The Munayyer Group, about how his company is helping people find new opportunities in the freight world. 

Munayyer says, “Follow the money” when it comes to looking for a new career, encouraging people to chase venture capital funding and proven profits. “Look at the leadership. … Follow what you’re passionate about,” he says.

What if you don’t want a desk job?

The 9-to-5 grind behind a desk isn’t for everyone and Matthew Mottola, author of “The Human Cloud,” joins the show to talk about how entering the gig economy can actually be profitable. 

Mottola believes in the next five years “over half of the workforce will be independent,” meaning the majority of people will start to work for themselves. They won’t need fancy equipment or an expensive gig, but they will have to build trust with their audience and clients, he says. 

When it comes to building your business as an independent, Mottola says you have to build your relationships first. Partnering with another freelancer can be more productive than trying to operate under one umbrella of an organization. 

Teaching truckers new tricks

The last guest on this episode of WTT?!? is Mario Pawlowski, CEO at iTrucker, whose company aims to get truckers who are used to traditional trucking on board with new technologies. 

Pawlowski says some people in the industry may not understand how to get started with new tech, but with so many companies creating innovations to modernize the trucking world there is a ton of opportunity to learn new applications. 
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