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Former FedEx execs bringing visibility to ‘stock in motion’

S+V Technologies helping merchants sell product in transit to fulfillment centers

S+V Technologies President Aly Hancock and CEO Mike Rude. (Photo: Ashley Weaver)

In today’s supply chain climate, merchants can be stuck with either stockouts or overstock, both of which leave retailers in a position to lose revenue. Now two former FedEx executives are looking to offer an inventory option they call “stock in motion.” 

With this inventory alternative offered by S+V Technologies, merchants can give consumers an opportunity to purchase items that are in transit to fulfillment centers, eliminating the mystery of when items will be back in stock.

“When shopping online, consumers spend all their time researching items they want to purchase or click on social media ads to find out the item is out of stock,” said S+V Technologies President Aly Hancock, a former e-commerce worldwide account manager at FedEx.

Now with the company’s stock-in-motion plug-and-play solution, consumers will see the remaining transit days of the incoming stock so they can confidently purchase items knowing their accurate delivery date.

“We offer a range of dates that can be delivered to your home, calculated by the remaining transit days, days to fulfill, plus any other types of transportation variants,” said CEO Mike Rude, former vice president of e-commerce at FedEx.

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The new inventory concept and expert team have caught the attention of prominent supply chain investors. 

Ben Walker, a partner at Ridgeline Venture Group Management, said, “We love to invest in people like Mike and Aly. They’re passionate, gritty founders using deep domain expertise to unlock insights and build products capable of addressing massive markets.” 

In February, S+V Technologies closed on a $500,000 seed round led by Ridgeline Partners with participation from Chicago Ventures and project44 founder and CEO Jett McCandless.

“This application comes at a time when retailers are severely impacted by the global supply chain disruption,” McCandless told FreightWaves. “By offering stock for sale from inbound inventory with full visibility to consumers, retailers will gain multiple days of sale that would otherwise be lost.”

“With out-of-stock items being the number one pain point for consumers, the stock in motion application will address this in a unique and innovative way,” said Stuart Larkins, co-founder and partner at Chicago Ventures.

The stock-in-motion technology is currently in beta testing with a few customers and S+V is currently working on strategic partnerships with fulfillment providers and selling platforms like Shopify to bring in more data and improve the solution to go to market. 

“Our stock in motion concept isn’t incremental, it’s transformational. We are going to make it part of the fabric of e-commerce ,” said Hancock.

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