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GSCW chat: Ryder System unveils new functionality on RyderShare platform

Ryder customers ‘now have the ability to see everything happening in and around the four walls of their warehouse’

Ryder System Chief Technology Officer Kendra Phillips.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Ryder System technology announcement.

DETAILS: Ryder System’s Kendra Phillips and Mike McAllister, editor in chief at FreightWaves, discuss how Ryder’s latest warehouse-related product provides customers with true end-to-end visibility.

SPEAKER: Phillips is the chief technology officer and vice president of new products for Ryder System.

BIO: Phillips is responsible for overseeing the evaluation, development and deployment of emerging technologies and digital products required to build out innovation across Ryder’s supply chain and dedicated transportation businesses.


“[Ryder customers] now have the ability to see everything happening in and around the four walls of their warehouse. They have that information in real time, and they’re able to communicate that throughout the organization.”

“We have a customer that is a hospital network. So their hospitals can actually see what inventories are available to them within the local warehouse. They can place orders, they can watch the status of that order within the warehouse. … They know when it’s on the truck. They can watch it come to their hospital and they actually know when it’s been delivered – and they can verify that. It gives that hospital a lot more control and trust with what’s happening with their network.”

“Our biggest challenge is digitizing our data. Obviously, significant strides have been made. Very significant strides. But we still have a long way to go. Even information today that’s been digitized tends to sit in a silo.”

Mike McAllister

Editor in chief Mike McAllister heads the day-to-day operations of the editorial team. Previously, he was the managing editor at, the official website for golf’s leading professional men’s tour. He also has worked in digital operations at ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and Golf Digest, and has been a staff writer for newspapers in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Email [email protected]