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Helping drivers stay healthy — Taking the Hire Road

In a job that requires a lot of sitting, eating on the go and isolation, truck drivers struggle to set aside time for their health. One young and motivated entrepreneur is working to help.

“Drivers’ health is one of those issues that is easier to sweep under the rug and forget that it’s there rather than actually provide a solution,” said Mark Manera, founder of The Trucking Fitness Co.

According to Manera, there are roughly 4 million full-time truck drivers in North America and 85% are overweight, with a life expectancy 16 years less than that of the rest of the population.

As a lover of fitness and entrepreneurship, Manera pursued a career in physical therapy where he was able to meet and assist many truckers. That experience led him to start The Trucking Fitness Co. — a company dedicated to the health and wellness of the trucking community.

“After looking at the statistics and opportunities regarding trucking, I saw that there was a real lack in trucking-specific health and wellness coaching,” Manera said.

The health and wellness of truckers affects more than just the drivers. It also affects the companies they work for. While companies dedicate tremendous time, money and resources to ensuring their technology and fleet are up to date and in good condition, the health of their drivers can easily go unnoticed. When a driver is not in good health, work ethic and career length may suffer as a result.

The Trucking Fitness Co.’s mission to make the trucking industry a healthier place starts with drivers. The company offers TruckFit, an exercise plan tailored to the driver. Truckers can qualify for TruckFit by going to The Trucking Fitness Co. website.

“My goal and what we’re trying to do at The Trucking Fitness Co. is to give drivers the easiest entry point into exercising on the road, eating healthy and living a healthier life overall,” Manera said.

The company provides equipment, one-on-one coaching and a specific diet plan for truckers who qualify. The goal is to encourage a step-by-step, checklist process that isn’t overwhelming, by providing a complete guide for drivers to follow in their free time.

“Anytime they have free time, they have the ability to check some things off of the list,” Manera said.

The Trucking Fitness Co. also has an easy-to-use mobile app that allows drivers 24/7 access to their fitness plan.

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