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The power of building community in trucking – Taking the Hire Road

Communication builds relationships, and relationships are key to any industry’s success. Jeremy Reymer meets with Lori Furnell, president of Truck Drivers USA, to discuss the power of building community in the trucking industry.

Furnell has held a range of positions in the freight industry. She has seen what it takes to keep the wheels turning for truck drivers and trucking companies alike.

Truck Drivers USA started as an online community for truckers and companies to connect. It has since grown into a company with the same goal. The company’s core solution is a lead match system. Truck drivers can go to the website, apply and within the first 36 hours of applying, be matched with companies to do work for. Truck drivers will never be matched with one company more than 10 times. This has proved to maintain relevance and keeps drivers and companies from becoming overwhelmed. 

“It’s connecting drivers with companies and it’s allowing their lives to be changed,” Furnell said.

With a social media audience of roughly 7 million, Truck Drivers USA also advertises for its customers (the companies) through their variety of growing social media platforms. The company offers customers the option to share their story on its newly renovated website as well.

Community, according to Furnell, is an important asset that can lead to continued growth for the trucking industry, specifically for the next generation. 

“The lifestyle itself is conducive to where our kids want to be, but we have to get them interested in it and this comes from building an online community,” Furnell said.

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