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Willing to play the long game — Taking The Hire Road

It’s often easy to forget the human element in trucking, but what ultimately moves the industry forward are the people in the drivers’ seats.

One company is looking to put a personal touch on recruiting, what’s become an impersonal process. 

Beth Potratz, founder, president and CEO of Drive My Way, appeared on the latest episode of Taking the Hire Road to discuss today’s shortcomings in recruiting and how her company is setting out to make hiring truckers personal again with its driver-centric recruiting software. 

Potratz makes the case that the trucking industry has lost its human element in recruiting, describing it as a black hole. She believes that ghosting applicants is a process that should no longer be the norm.

“We’re helping match truck drivers with jobs that fit both their qualifications and their personal lifestyle preferences,” Potratz said. “At the same time, we’re also helping carriers recruit for retention because we believe that a better match up front is going to result in a longer-term relationship.”

What differentiates Drive My Way from other driver recruiting softwares, Potratz explained, is that it’s completely driver focused. The platform aims to match drivers with jobs based on their qualifications and aspirations.

Drivers can join the platform for free and then create and control their own profiles and choose who they want to engage with. Potratz made it clear that Drive My Way doesn’t share or sell driver data to external parties.

The platform is available to carriers on a subscription basis that includes access to Drive My Way’s proprietary patented technology. Potratz added that brand awareness, paid marketing and matchmaking support are available to its carrier partners.

Potratz said recruiters ought to focus more on driver assessment than chasing leads. She finds it most important to make sure each candidate fits well within a company, and if so, the goal should be to establish a long-term relationship with the driver.

Recruiting solutions can greatly improve driver recruiting, but you’ve still got to put in the hard work to boost retention. Potratz advises carriers to be clear up front about their minimum qualifications and expectations for new drivers in addition to detailing all of their perks and when drivers can become eligible for such offerings.

“If there’s a match on all those things, especially when they match up with the person’s lifestyle preferences, you’re already on the path to greater retention,” Potratz said.

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