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Is 2021 a peak year for earnings? — Great Quarter, Guys

What the record season reveals about the future

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Dozens of companies have posted record gains after the first quarter of 2021 as the freight market kept riding the momentum caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Is this a trend that will continue through the rest of the year? Or will the overheated market lose steam?

On this episode of Great Quarter, Guys, Andrew Cox debates how long the wave will last and welcomes FreightWaves Director of Passport Research J.P Hampstead to contribute to the debate.

The two break down how several brokerages fared during Q1 and what the outlook is for those groups for the rest of the year. 

Cox and Hampstead also welcome Chad Crotty, vice president of sales in North America for DDC FPO, to the GQG stage to pick his brain about first-quarter earnings and the fate of the freight market going forward.

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Kaylee Nix

Kaylee Nix is a meteorologist and reporter for FreightWaves. She joined the company in November of 2020 after spending two years as a broadcast meteorologist for a local television channel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Kaylee graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2018 and immediately made the Tennessee Valley her home. Kaylee creates written summaries of FreightWaves live podcasts and cultivates the social media for FreightWaves TV.