J.B. Hunt 360 integrates with KeepTruckin freight marketplace

KeepTruckin’s Smart Load Board offers loads from industry-leading brokerages

J.B. Hunt Transportation Services Inc. (NASDAQ:JBHT), an asset-based supply chain leader, on Thursday announced a freight marketplace integration with KeepTruckin, a fleet management solution. Freight available within J.B. Hunt 360, the company’s technology solution, will be accessible within KeepTruckin’s Smart Load Board, generating new capacity for J.B. Hunt customers.

“The KeepTruckin Smart Load Board is the first and only ELD-based freight marketplace that automatically matches loads based on a deep understanding of a carrier’s needs and preferences,” said Shoaib Makani, chief executive officer of KeepTruckin, in a news release. “We’re proud to collaborate with a renowned industry leader like J.B. Hunt to move freight faster than ever before by providing access to capacity at scale and real-time visibility. Our load matching algorithms ingest billions of data points each day to ensure the right load gets in front of the right carrier.”

The KeepTruckin technology is relatively new. Launched in October, it gave brokers a way to communicate with the company’s network of 85,000 carriers. The load board enables carriers within its mobile and web portals to choose from thousands of exclusive loads from freight brokerages like Uber Freight (NYSE:UBER), Echo Global Logistics Inc. (NASDAQ:ECHO), Edge Logistics and EPES Logistics Services Inc.  

With the addition of J.B. Hunt’s freight volume, carriers will now have access to a large pool of the industry’s shipments. In 2020, the company reported more than 1.2 million loads were processed through its platform, exceeding $1.4 billion in transactions.

“By integrating our two platforms, we can gain a more transparent view of the marketplace and better match capacity demand with available trucks,” said Shelley Simpson, chief commercial officer and executive vice president of people and human resources at J.B. Hunt. “KeepTruckin is a trusted name among carriers, and we believe this cross-platform functionality will help businesses move freight with greater efficiency.”

The FREIGHTWAVES TOP 500 For-Hire Carriers list includes Transportation Services (No. ) and J.B. Hunt (No. 4).


Grace Sharkey

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