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LLamasoft unveils SaaS version of Supply Chain Guru solution

The supply chain design software provider brings supply chain planning to a cloud-deployed, subscription-based environment to ease infrastructure costs associated with continuous design.

   The supply chain design software provider LLamasoft this week released, a software-as-a-service application solely focused on the supply chain design business process. is intended to help companies increase their ability to conduct supply chain modelling exercises without increasing IT infrastructure expense.
   “With volatility and change the new business norm, companies must continuously redesign their supply chains to compete and survive,” LLamasoft said. “As a result, supply chain design has expanded rapidly to become a core and essential business process for leading global companies across every major industry. To create a sustainable supply chain design center of excellence, companies must manage very large data sets, quickly create supply chain models, run hundreds of what-if scenarios, and collaborate with stakeholders across the enterprise.” allows companies to run up to 100 scenarios simultaneously and more rapidly solve large models. It also allows for centralized modelling data and analysis, with the ability to access models, solve status and analyze from any device or browser.
   “ doesn’t just move supply chain optimization into the cloud,” said LLamasoft President and Chief Executive Officer Don Hicks. “Companies can migrate their supply chain models into the cloud to drive transformational change through agile planning processes.”
   The SaaS offering is based on LLamasoft’s flagship product, Supply Chain Guru.
   American Shipper wrote about supply chain modelling in its November 2014 cover story.