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Mack Trucks begins regular production of LR Electric refuse truck

Mack Trucks has begun regular production of its LR Electric refuse truck on the same Pennsylvania production line with other Class 8 trucks.

Mack Trucks has begun serial production of its fully electric LR model in Macungie, Pennsylvania, where all Class 8 Mack vehicles for the U.S. and export are assembled. 

The New York Department of Sanitation, which was the first entity to test the LR electric, has ordered seven of them to be used in New York’s City’s five boroughs.

“Customer response to the LR Electric has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to putting more into fleet operations now that we are in production,” said Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president of sales and commercial operations.

The LR Electric model carries the distinctive Mack bulldog on the hood in copper color to denote it is an electric vehicle.

A Mack Trucks worker prepares a copper bulldog for a Mack LR Electric refuse hauler. Copper is a conductor of electricity, and the copper color denotes the truck is battery powered. (Photo: Mack Trucks)
Mack Trucks workers at Lehigh Valley Operations prepare an LR Electric truck, which are built with all Class 8 Mack Trucks in Pennsylvania for the U.S., Canada, Mexico and export destinations. (Photo: Mack Trucks)

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