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Maine State Police seize multiple trucks for $75,000 in unpaid tolls

On Friday Maine State Police seized a total of six tractor-trailers for racking up approximately $75,000 in unpaid toll debt over the past three years.  All six were owned and operated by Commodity Haulers Express of North Kingston, Rhode Island. 

The investigation into the unpaid tolls began in November when an official with the Maine State Police was asked to look into a toll evasion case involving Commodity Haulers Express.  Officials say the company was notified multiple times of their unpaid bill by the Turnpike Authority. Their right to operate their vehicles in the state of Maine had been suspended.  

Police have been conducting surveillance on the trucks, creating a timeline of when they were entering and leaving the state. On Friday morning Troopers located five of the offending trucks and impounded the sixth truck later in the day.  

The company hauls Poland Spring Water. Officials say Poland Spring Water was not aware or involved in the unpaid tolls. The trucks will remain at the impound lot until the toll bills have been paid.


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