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FreightWaves expands freight market coverage by adding oil and energy market analyst

FreightWaves, the leading provider of freight market news, commentary, and analytics announces the appointment of Michael Mitchell as Senior Energy Commodities Analyst.

Over the past year, FreightWaves has built out a team of analysts that track fundamental data concerning the trucking capacity in the market. These analytics help the company understand how the supply map is trending around the freight market. Now the company is focused on developing demand-driver analytics to help understand how demand is currently hitting freight markets–even giving FreightWaves the chance to see how demand could hit freight markets in the future. Ultimately, this allows FreightWaves to build a more complete view of the near-term and long-term health of the market.

With energy representing 31% of all surface freight ton miles in the market and approximately 15% of the total cost of freight movement, deeper insights into the energy markets are imperative for developing forecasting models of freight demand.   

In the coming months, FreightWaves plans on adding analysts to develop data-driven models and commentary of the key markets that drive freight demand, including: agriculture, retail, construction,  manufacturing, raw materials, metals, and industrial goods. Energy is the largest market and plays a dual-role in being both a demand driver of freight demand, but also a major component in the COGs of freight movement. 

Mitchell is a petroleum engineer from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with over 15 years of oil and gas industry experience. Over the years, Mitchell has developed five engineering classes and thirteen technical manuals for hydraulic fracturing and acidizing operations. He has also served as an oil and gas analyst studying market trends, data analytics, drilling trends, and completion designs trends in the oil and gas segment. He has created some of the most sophisticated models that track the fundamentals, technicals, and seasonality of the oil and natural gas markets. Mitchell has written extensively about the relationship of the intermarket analysis of the bond market, currency market, and the stock market effects on the trends of the oil markets.

Over the past year, FreightWaves has become the leading provider of news and analytics for the freight community, publishing hundreds of articles per month about the freight markets. Alexa.com, a website tracking firm owned by Amazon, ranks FreightWaves as the number one news site involved in freight and logistics news globally.

As of August 24, 2018, FreightWaves ranked #6,867 of all websites in the United States and #45,553 globally. With 1.5 million page-views a month and among the longest time on site for all sites involved in freight and logistics news, FreightWaves continues to gain an audience that is unmatched in the industry. Through media distribution partnerships, FreightWaves’ original content can be found on Benzinga, Morningstar, Yahoo Finance, and Barchart. FreightWaves is also referenced as original content on over 1,777 top-ranked websites including Reuters, Bloomberg, Morningstar, Dow Jones, CNBC, Business Insider, TechCrunch, and many of the largest commodity news publications covering articles ranging from technology issues, driver capacity crunch, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, and the U.S. economy. According to Meltwater, FreightWaves’ global audience includes over 103 million in the past month.

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