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MSC leasing SeaCube containers

Two thousand units will feature Carrier Transicold’s environmentally friendly NaturalLine refrigeration units.

    Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) will lease 2,000 containers from SeaCube Containers that are chilled by Carrier Transicolds innovative, natural refrigerant-based NaturaLINE refrigeration system.
   The NaturaLINE refrigeration units use carbon dioxide as a refrigerant, which has a much lower global warming potential (GWP) than other refrigerants.
   In addition to their environmental benefits, Giuseppe Prudente, chief logistics officer at MSC, said the units provide a higher level of performance in the minus 40 degrees Celsius deep-frozen range.
   We can add new capabilities for our growing customer base, particularly for seafood and other high-value frozen commodities.
   Previously, minus 40 degrees Celsius was only attainable in container systems using a refrigerant with a GWP nearly 4,000 times higher.

Chris Dupin

Chris Dupin has written about trade and transportation and other business subjects for a variety of publications before joining American Shipper and Freightwaves.

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