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Never miss a quote again

Are your reps leaving quotes on the table?

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Nothing frustrates a broker more than discovering a better-priced quote was left on the table. For every load posted, how many quotes or available trucks go unnoticed?

Besides leaving money on the table, brokers may find that their matchmaking difficulties may also be stunting the growth of their capacity network.

It often goes that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. But brokers today can ensure they never miss a quote.

Parade, the leading capacity management platform for freight brokers, better matches capacity with freight through digital quoting. The booking process has never been faster and easier, and relationships are stronger than ever, as freight can now be paired by carrier preference.

Digital quoting is significantly faster than receiving quotes over the phone or by email. And because it’s digital, every quote is uploaded to one place that’s easy for the entire brokerage to access. It’s also convenient for carriers too. Those who do their load searching after office hours can send quotes on their own time without anticipating a broker’s call while on the road.

“Before Parade, it was almost impossible for freight brokers to know if their team was actually using the lowest price quote,” said Lindsay Watt, Parade’s head of product.

Parade makes it easy to see if reps are taking advantage of every quote and improving margins. Every time the lowest quote wasn’t chosen, Parade’s missed opportunities dashboard allows brokers to generate reports to identify the price and why it wasn’t selected, providing reps the opportunity to explain why they opted for a different quote.

“This is a quick way for teams to close the gap on their quoting and get right to the bottom line,” Watt said, explaining how it helps brokers ask the right questions. “How many quotes did each rep respond to? How much money did they leave on the table? Is this consistent where they’re leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table?”

What’s more, Parade only shows quotes from carriers that the broker has qualified through RMIS. This allows reps to make faster and smarter decisions when choosing the best carriers for each load, ultimately resulting in the best margins possible.

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