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New Truckstop CEO talks shop on Fuller Speed Ahead

Kendra Tucker says market makes for ‘fascinating time to be in this business’

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On this episode of Fuller Speed Ahead, FreightWaves CEO and founder Craig Fuller interviews Kendra Tucker, who just became CEO of Truckstop.

Tucker joined Truckstop in August 2020 during the pandemic and became COO in the summer of 2021.

“Things have become truly unusual in this market. With the continued, sustained height of rates and what they have done now since that point, one would actually say I haven’t yet experienced a normal market within transportation,” Tucker said. “It’s been a really fascinating time to be in this business.”

Tucker said she was surprised when she started talking with Paris Cole about his retirement from Truckstop and her taking over his role as CEO.

“My scope had expanded quite a bit,” when taking over as COO, Tucker said. “I was really focused on how I could deliver value in the role that I had.” She said she is excited about her position as CEO and where Truckstop is heading.

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Truckstop is focused on helping carriers find brokers and freight. On the shipper side, capacity, rates and compliance are king. The company is working to expand its service offerings for shippers, carriers and brokers. Truckstop acquired RMIS in 2021 with the intent to provide an “even more complete service to brokers,” Tucker said.

RMIS data has been combined with Truckstop’s load board, which provides a holistic picture of the carrier for brokers. Truckstop can use the more detailed information to provide more prescriptive recommendations for who carriers should be partnering with based on their history.

“Overall, it’s been really positive,” Tucker said. “It puts us in this position to be an even better matchmaker between the carrier and the broker.”

Truckstop uses technology to make it easier for people to make a living in transportation, which Tucker said she feels passionate about. The company aims to simplify difficulties such as paperwork for multibillion dollar companies and small owner-operators.

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