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Optimizing your work assets — #WithSONAR (with video)

From workflow automation to operations expansion, learn where your business can improve

#WithSONAR with Luke Falasca and Kyle Taylor

Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, Kyle Taylor and Luke Falasca take a look at improvements you can make to your business to optimize your workflow. 

They first discuss the high expectations for the holiday season and the continuation of massive deals before Black Friday. 

They also break down Thanksgiving food: Is it overrated?

Today’s guest is Kunal Dovedy, head of innovation at Zaro Transportation. Dovedy has watched his asset-based carrier company change this year through the pandemic. 

He says that despite the up-and-down nature of this year’s market, Zaro Transportation has done well. 

“Overall what was essential was having really good transparency and really good communication,” says Dovedy. 

Zaro has been a SONAR customer for over a year, and Dovedy believes the data provided by SONAR has been valuable in “shortening the communication between the driver and the customer.”

Dovedy was asked how retention of drivers has been affected this year. He says that transparency of information and “just getting to know them as people” is key to keeping his drivers around, especially as they drive cross-border from Mexico to the United States. 

Data optimization with SONAR has been a key player for Dovedy and his team by helping them understand which markets are hot and where those markets are trending. 

That understanding helps decrease sticking points for Dovedy’s drivers, making their workflow better from pick ups and drop offs. 

He says the cyclical nature of moving freight is helpful in getting drivers home once they drop in the U.S. 

Do you want to learn more about SONAR? Click here for all the information. 
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