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Paving the way for autonomous trucking with Uber Freight

Uber Freight explores hybrid manual, autonomous trucking model

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This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ second Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Summit, which took place Wednesday.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Paving the way for autonomous trucking.

DETAILS: FreightWaves’ Kaylee Nix and Uber Freight’s Olivia Hu discuss the necessity of a deep digital network and strong industry partnerships to create a successful rollout of autonomous vehicle technology.

SPEAKER: Hu is the senior business development manager at Uber Freight.

BIO: Hu manages OEM, AV and EV partnerships on the business development team at Uber Freight. She is passionate about the role of technology in defining the future of supply chains and transportation. Prior to joining Uber Freight, Hu led business development at a self-driving car startup.


“Right now is this prime time for [autonomous vehicles] to start commercializing, and trucking is the second piece of it.”

“With regards to autonomous trucking, it’s really a shipper-agnostic industry. All shippers, I believe, should have access to autonomous trucking and that’s what we enable. It doesn’t matter what your size is. It’s more a matter of ‘what are your needs?’”

“We can leverage this hybrid model of autonomous, and then when autonomous is not available, manual drivers. We can leverage those two and combine them together to create a very powerful network.”

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  1. Arthur

    idk why this is illegal it should be banned and a threat to security highways but let’s be honest how stupid the laws are in this country a truck with no DEF on it is more dangerous because of emissions and a stupid guy in a Tesla with some bikes hanging on his back of the trunk is not illegal how dumb America laws are.

  2. Bruce Rhoades

    We have a voter question on the ballot for the State of Oklahoma to prohibit autonomous trucks on our highways. We are pointing to the unsafe operation and no way of properly pulled over.

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