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Planning for successful cities of the future — At Your Doorstep

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Planning a city in today’s world is hard. Planning a city for a future world is harder, especially when that world includes autonomous vehicles taking over streets, drones flying every which way and more people than ever relying on technology. 

On this episode of At Your Doorstep, Kaylee Nix talks to Joshua Goldstein, business development manager at UrbanFootprint, about how his company is taking a data-driven approach to planning layouts of urban environments. 

UrbanFootprint analyzes existing city structures to figure out what works and what doesn’t; it can then advise governments, companies and individuals on ways to exist more efficiently in a cityscape.

Goldstein says a lot of the work being done focuses on equity across cities from transportation to housing conditions. He also believes to achieve the goals of future delivery techniques, cities need to start planning now instead of waiting for the tech to be fully developed. 

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Kaylee Nix

Kaylee Nix is a meteorologist and reporter for FreightWaves. She joined the company in November of 2020 after spending two years as a broadcast meteorologist for a local television channel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Kaylee graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2018 and immediately made the Tennessee Valley her home. Kaylee creates written summaries of FreightWaves live podcasts and cultivates the social media for FreightWaves TV.