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Plus COO talks future of self-driving trucks

‘Feedback we’ve gotten from drivers has been overwhelmingly positive’

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This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ second Autonomous and Electric Vehicles Summit, which took place Wednesday.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: The new driver assistant: How AI will make trucking easier for those who drive the most. 

DETAILS: FreightWaves’ Thomas Wasson and Shawn Kerrigan, COO and co-founder of Plus, discuss the company’s overall commercialization strategy to offer a full suite from semi-autonomous technology today to its future goal of offering fully autonomous solutions.

SPEAKER: Kerrigan, COO and co-founder of Plus.

BIO: Kerrigan is working to develop self-driving trucks to enable large-scale commercialization of autonomous transport at Plus.


“We are seeing really strong interest in developing and using autonomous technology to improve safety, efficiency, comfort and sustainability. That’s one of the areas where we really kind of stand out and distinguish ourselves because we’re the only autonomous trucking technology company that has a product in the market for customers today. And so this is kind of part of our overall commercialization strategy to offer a full suite from semi-autonomous today out through fully autonomous solutions in the future.”

“It’s our view this is a product we really developed with drivers for drivers. So the goal is really to help drivers with this technology. It’s technology that makes driving safer, more fuel efficient and more comfortable. And the type of feedback we’ve gotten from drivers has been overwhelmingly positive.”

“The big thing is just to be looking forward to a future where these systems are much more broadly deployed, and I think they’ll [autonomous vehicles] have a really positive and transformational impact on the industry. I think the potential for this technology is quite tremendous, not just in terms of the long-term … but also in terms of applying that autonomous technology into vehicles today, with drivers still in them. I think that there’s tremendous potential around safety, fuel economy and driver comfort elements.”

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