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Port X Logistics solves airfreight emergencies with Carrier 911

Well-known drayage company expands offerings

Port X Logistics has made a name for itself in drayage, transloading and trucking, expediting containerized freight throughout the U.S. and Canada. Now, the company has brought its expertise into the airfreight arena.

The Port X Logistics team launched Carrier 911 about a year ago. The platform exists to recover freight from container freight stations and airports across the nation. Carrier 911 operates with the same excellence and urgency that characterize its parent company.

“If you email or call us, you’re going to have a rate and availability within 10 minutes — and a pickup within one hour — anywhere in the United States, which may seem impossible,” Port X Logistics founder Brian Kempisty said. “With our network of drivers that have sprinter vans, straight trucks and dry vans, we have grown the business extremely quickly.”

It isn’t just about driver availability, however. Technology is a key component of the company’s rapid response, as well as its top-notch visibility offerings during transport. Once a shipment is picked up, every player in the supply chain is able to track the driver — including his or her speed and location — via a custom link. 

Simple, real-time tracking goes a long way in eliminating unnecessary phone calls and emails, therefore reducing frustration for everyone involved. Around-the-clock visibility also provides increased peace of mind for customers, allowing them to plan their operations around a shipment’s real arrival time. 

Recently, Port X Logistics arranged a shipment from Los Angeles to Nashville, Tennessee, via Carrier 911. During that 40-hour transport, involved parties clicked the driver tracking link 76 times, according to Kempisty. That is at least 76 avoided phone calls or emails, not accounting for missed communication and resulting additional reach-outs.

Carrier 911 has been a rapid success due, in large part, to both Port X Logistics’ excellent ocean reputation and the company’s team of airfreight experts. 

Often, communication surrounding airfreight shipments can be confusing and even inaccurate. This is where having experienced folks on staff becomes crucial. Kempisty recalled a recent shipment that was supposed to be coming in via Saudia Airlines, an airline that does not fly into the U.S. Thanks to an expert team member, the company was able to locate the freight on a Lufthansa flight. 

This mix-up occurred in the middle of the night and quick work by the Carrier 911 team ensured the shipment still made it to its final destination on time.

Click here to learn more about Carrier 911.

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