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PrePass Safety Alliance teams with trucking industry and public sector to improve highway safety, reduce emissions

Alliance is the original connected truck technology organization

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PrePass Safety Alliance is a non-profit public-private partnership with a mission to make highways safer and more efficient through innovative data-driven solutions and carries out that mission by providing PrePass connected truck technologies. The Alliance is the only US-based preclearance provider employing 100% US-based staff, with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

PrePass began as a collaborative research project between state department of transportation directors and trucking company executives in six western states (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, and Washington) and British Columbia. Their objective was simple: to make roads safer and more efficient using technology to identify and weigh trucks at highway speeds and allow compliant trucks to bypass weigh stations. 

Building on the success of PrePass technology, and at the request of motor carriers, the Alliance next brought innovation to commercial vehicle tolling. PrePass Plus toll management service manages toll reconciliation and payments for fleets in addition to handling disputes on their behalf. PrePass Plus software also helps optimize toll costs by identifying max tolls, fraudulent charges, and sends instant alerts when suspect activity occurs.

Motor carriers love PrePass because it saves them money, fuel, and time. To date, PrePass has provided over one billion bypasses to safe and compliant commercial vehicles. Each bypass represents an instance in which inspection personnel can focus on trucks requiring more attention, making state roadways safer. At the same time, those bypasses saved qualified motor carriers over $8 billion, more than 86 million service hours, and over 416 million gallons of fuel, reducing emissions by over 919,000 metric tons. 

In North America, qualified carriers rely on PrePass to bypass weigh stations in 41 states and provinces; 33 states directly deploy PrePass, and another eight added through collaborative agreements with NORPASS, Oregon Green Light, and Weigh2GoBC (British Columbia). PrePass serves over 110,000 carriers and over 725,000 trucks. PrePass covers every major north-south and east-west freight corridor and other locations that commercial vehicle compliance agencies deem safety priorities.

The Alliance continues to bring innovative safety and efficiency technology solutions to the trucking industry. The nonprofit provides in-cab audible and visible safety ALERTS, making drivers aware of work zones, available truck parking, traffic congestion, dangerous slowdowns, rest areas, brake check areas and more.

To help fleets realize the full time and money-saving benefits of PrePass preclearance and tolling services, the Alliance developed cutting edge software solutions provided at no cost to subscribers. INFORM truck fleet software interactive portals help owners and managers analyze bypass and toll activity to spot trends, mitigate safety and toll fraud risks, and provide new insights into their operation. All INFORM trucking software presents this data in an easy-to-use, intuitive format so users can quickly understand information and make decisions.

The Alliance may have helped launch the connected truck industry but nearly thirty years on, the organization is still delivering new technology to help make fleets safer and more efficient.

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