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Radio Recap: supply chain, culture, innovation

FreightWaves Radio’s eleventh national show was broadcast on Saturday, May 4 on SiriusXM’s Road Dog Channel 146. Unlike other industry-specific radio shows that often have particular messaging or lobbying aims, FreightWaves Radio is an independent, data-driven look at what’s really going on in the freight world, and the episode proved just that. Hosts Chad Prevost and John Kingston kicked things off from both the SiriusXM studios in Rockefeller Center in downtown Manhattan, and from the Freight Alley studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Quotable from Chris Kirchner, CEO and co-founder of

“I made 17 trips internationally this past year. I’ve been to Asia, and spent a lot of time in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and the people that you meet are incredible. Yeah, logistics isn’t one of those industries that you necessarily think about growing up, but once you get into it it’s hard to leave because it’s so dynamic and fascinating, and the challenges and opportunities you have to do pretty cool stuff is just abundant in all ways, shapes and forms.”

Quotable from Gary Buchs, driver for Landstar and industry thought leader:

“I don’t follow the norm a lot of times that’s been preached to us: drive more miles and you’ll make more money. I try to work on economic efficiency.”

Quotable from Tim Dooner, multimedia specialist at FreightWaves:

“It’s not a new story. We’re seeing carriers fail every week. We’re seeing consolidation happen. I mean there’s a countdown to extinction happening for companies that don’t adapt.”

Quotable from Preet Sivia, chief business officer and co-founder of

“We want to make sure that the information is remembered [beyond emails] so that the experience is better every single time.”

Quotable from Dean Croke, chief insights officer at FreightWaves:

“If you’re a trucker, there’s two seasons, there’s winter and there’s construction. In summer, what happens is with construction the miles become a little bit harder.”

The FreightWaves Radio show will keep on coming live to you each and every week from 3:00-5:00 p.m. EDT on SiriusXM’s Road Dog Channel 146. If you can’t tune in then, the show is also replayed on Saturday from 9:00-11:00 p.m. EDT and then again on Sunday from 7:00-9:00 p.m. EDT. Also, the show is available for two weeks via SiriusXM’s on-demand feature. Join the discussion on all things freight and see how so much connects to transport and the movement of goods.

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Chad Prevost

Chad is radio host and broadcast media specialist for FreightWaves.

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