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Salesforce isn’t slacking off — Put That Coffee Down (with video)

What will sales look like going forward? Dooner and Hill break it down.

Dooner and Hill break down how Salesforce purchasing Slack and the Zoom boom will carry sales strategies into 2021

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It’s the deal that has everybody talking, including Dooner and Kevin Hill. Salesforce is buying the work chat app Slack for $27.7 billion. 

News of the acquisition sent Slack stock soaring to peak highs, as the two companies together are expected to take on Microsoft Teams. 

To no one’s surprise, video meeting service Zoom has had an incredible year, with three straight quarters of growth. 

Despite a shrinking profit margin due to increased spending, sales for Q4 are expected to top 300% of what they were this time last year. 

The rise in Zoom use has led to a drastic drop in the need for business travel. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates told The Wall Street Journal he predicts a 50% reduction in business travel post-pandemic. 

Personal travel remains on the table even though the CDC is still warning people to stay put. The Transportation Security Administration reported screening almost 1.2 million people the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Despite willingness to travel, American workers are still not returning to their office spaces. The WSJ reports only 25.7% of people had returned to working in offices as of Nov. 18, but three out of four workers hoped to go back in person sometime soon. 

How content marketing has changed

Dooner and Hill bring on Brumleve Brands founder Blythe Brumleve to discuss how she navigates content marketing and sales while working remotely. 

Brumleve says that in the world of logistics marketing, things have changed in the last few years. She believes that companies are getting more lenient with what they allow their marketers to post, especially when it comes to social media. 

When it comes to getting people in the door, whether it’s as employees or clients, Brumleve says the website is key in capturing and keeping attention. 

Overall, in a freight market and a changing digital world, being “just OK” isn’t good enough. She says that successful brands “don’t sell their products, they sell the stories that highlight their products.”

Moving forward into 2021, Brumleve says authenticity is going to be key for marketers, especially on social media. She says to be personal, develop a brand and stick to your guns to build a good following.

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