Schneider offers digital tools to help shippers compete in tight market

The trucking market is tight and getting tighter. In a market like this, securing capacity can become a time-consuming challenge. This is especially true for smaller shippers who often lack the technology that gives their larger counterparts an edge. Schneider, a premier provider of trucking, intermodal and logistics services, has expanded its digital marketplace – Schneider FreightPower® – to shippers of all sizes, effectively giving small players the tools they need to stay on top of a whirlwind market.

The company first announced its Schneider FreightPower digital marketplace last year, rolling out an app for carriers in the fall. The tool’s newest update, an online portal launched in March, expanded the platform to shippers in order to help them save money and increase their access to capacity. 

Schneider FreightPower provides shippers with options to manage their businesses from virtually anywhere. The digital marketplace allows shippers – big and small – to instantly quote, book, track and confirm delivery 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services are available for both brokerage less-than-truckload and brokerage truckload freight, with more options coming later in 2021. 

Schneider FreightPower offers shippers:

  • The ability to seamlessly quote and book.
  • Freight visibility 24/7 (load in process, last location, pickup and ETA), including email notifications (pickups, deliveries and specific order completion).
  • Access to load documents.
  • Real-time reporting.

“It’s all about improving capacity so shippers can do business better than ever before,” Mark Rourke, Schneider president and CEO, said. “We are giving our customers the best of what the industry has to offer with Schneider FreightPower. It is our dedication to them to keep moving and delivering ahead.”

Ultimately, Schneider FreightPower stands apart from the crowd because its services are backed by one of the largest trailer pools in North America, as well as Schneider’s network of more than 36,000 prequalified truckload and LTL carriers. Innovative technology, reliable assets and connections combine to make this new tool an industry standout. 

This rollout comes at a time when companies across the supply chain are feeling the pressure to innovate rapidly and “future proof” their businesses in the event that another global crisis akin to the coronavirus pandemic comes along and shakes up the industry once again. Independent of a tight market, this pressure alone has pushed shippers and carriers alike to evaluate all of their options for expanding their technological capabilities. Tools like Schneider FreightPower have a low barrier to entry, proving useful for companies that need to amp up their business practices quickly and easily. 

“Our goal is to make Schneider FreightPower the digital access point for services and solutions for both shippers and carriers,” Rourke said. “Shippers of all sizes come to us with their toughest transportation challenges, and we are solving them faster than ever before. That means our customers get more value – and get more done in a day.” 

While larger shippers certainly stand to benefit from integrating tools like Schneider FreightPower, accessible digital tools like this can change the entire trajectory of a small shipper’s business. Small shippers often do not have their own extensive networks to rely on, making access to the Schneider network a game changer. These shippers also rarely have the revenue to build their own in-house technological solutions or implement expensive offerings that require large amounts of training. Schneider FreightPower offers them the opportunity to innovate without losing significant amounts of time and money in the process. For added convenience, Schneider FreightPower can be integrated via API or accessed via portal. 

“Schneider FreightPower is an exciting, new way to differentiate Schneider and connect to small shippers and carriers, which represent a $1.2 trillion segment of the transportation market,” Rourke said. “We are giving shippers time, solutions and the best at what we deliver – access to full Schneider capabilities and options.”

Shippers can access Schneider FreightPower at schneider.com/freightpowershipping to learn more and register in minutes.

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Ashley Coker

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