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State of LTL in a post-Yellow world – WTT

On today’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is joined in the studio by Averitt Express’ Kent Williams to talk about the state of LTL in a post-Yellow world. Who is benefiting and who is feeling the pain now that this megacarrier has gone under? 

Mothership’s Aaron Peck has been helping LTL carriers stay above water for the past few years. We’ll find out how it is handling a tidal wave of LTL volume that Yellow has left in its wake. 

Remember just-in-case? You may be the only one. As shippers are shifting back to Just-In-Time, Convoy is here for it with a new service. According to FreightWaves, “This solution ensures an on-time delivery, within a 15-minute window, for its shipper customers with fully vetted carriers that understand the firm delivery standards needed to provide JIT offerings.” Mitch Violett is here to tell us how it works.

We’ll meet Markel McCloud. He helps run a family trucking business. We’ll find out how it is building from the ground up.

Plus, Big Rig Bruce’s mini-rig; forgetting forklifts; an accident on Metallica’s tour; why trains hit trucks; a Cyber Truck on a Tesla Semi; Rich Men North of Richmond gets a freight parody and what you need to know about a truck. 

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