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Streamlined applications help private fleets recruit

Private fleets benefit from Tenstreet’s streamlined application process

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As carriers across the industry continue to grapple with the driver shortage, focusing on driver recruitment is more important than ever. Popular perks like tuition reimbursement and sign-on bonuses tend to grab drivers’ attention, but there is one critical piece of the recruitment puzzle that for hire and private fleets often overlook: the actual application process.

Difficult application processes — including long forms and cluttered websites — tend to dissuade drivers from applying at all. In a field with more open positions than people to fill them, carriers cannot afford to lose a driver’s attention over an archaic application form. Tenstreet knows this, so it partners with for hire and private fleets to remove redundancies, improve the driver experience, and generally streamline the recruiting process.

Tenstreet helps clients simplify the driver application process through the IntelliApp. This solution is an online application that drivers can complete in mere minutes thanks to its pre-population powers. Only 13% of traditional applications are completed by drivers, meaning most interested candidates drop off before a carrier ever has a chance to consider hiring them. Carriers using IntelliApp, however, see completed applications over 75% of the time because of the reduced time and effort on the driver. 

In addition to lowered drop-off rates, the IntelliApp ensures more accurate data collection and reduces the overall time between application and hiring, which is crucial when reducing the time between when a driver applies and when a recruiter makes contact is proven to result in more hires.   The IntelliApp is designed first and foremost with mobile users in mind and can be filled out entirely from a cell phone or tablet, which is essential for truck drivers who spend most of their time on the road away from a computer. 

Tenstreet’s IntelliApp is an especially good match for private fleets. The application is built to handle the legal complexities that come from operating out of multiple cities and terminals without sacrificing ease of use for drivers. The IntelliApp automatically adapts based on the latest Ban The Box and Pay Equity Laws for the state in which carriers are hiring for their positions. This makes it easy to keep up with changes at the state and federal level for companies that don’t have as much time as for-hire carriers to focus on FMCSA regulations. Tenstreet’s solution is especially helpful for private fleets because it can be integrated directly into a company’s existing applicant tracking system, making it simple to incorporate the application into pre-existing workflows right away. 

“Tenstreet has been a really positive partner from day one. I went to them looking for a solution to create a one-stop approach to our entire recruiting process,” said private fleet Dot Foods Brand Manager Christine Lovaldi. “Increasing application flow was our No. 1 goal, and we needed a mobile-first platform. Drivers are on the go, and they need an easy, turnkey process. They also need a short application, and Tenstreet provides a solution that takes under 10 minutes.”

The IntelliApp database is composed of over 4 million drivers — with 19.5 million applications on file — who have worked for over 55,400 companies. By utilizing this network, recruiters are able to reach drivers who would otherwise fall outside their marketing efforts.

This network goes a long way, but it is the people working at Tenstreet who make the solution a homerun for Dot Foods. Tenstreet employs industry experts who are excited to help clients of all shapes and sizes solve their driver recruitment challenges.

“The best part about Tenstreet is their people,” Lovaldi said. “They care about their clients, and they’re experts in the trucking industry.”

Often, the most difficult part of driver recruitment is convincing qualified drivers to apply to open positions in the first place. The IntelliApp does this effectively by removing the common hurdles that cause drivers to walk away in the middle of the process. Still, drivers have to see a listing to apply. Tenstreet also offers a Job Store solution that aggregates job posting sites for you, giving you one point of entry to over 20 job boards and puts listings in front of more drivers to begin with. 

Rebekah Landers, a talent acquisition manager at private fleet Papa John’s International, reported a dramatic increase in applicant flow since starting to use Job Store in combination with the IntelliApp. 

“With the help of the Tenstreet team we were shown how to better advertise and ensure our job descriptions were as attractive as possible to applicants. The Concierge team helped us get our ad out there in a very streamlined way by advertising through Job Store. I love that I’m able to see easily where our numbers are.

“The biggest thing is that our conversion rate is so much higher,” Landers shared. “We have surpassed the number of hires we made in all of 2020 already before this year has ended, thanks to Tenstreet.”

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