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Strong partnerships keep trucks rolling this peak season

Carriers need efficient processes to meet surging demand

This peak season, companies across the supply chain can expect to see the same challenges they have faced all year — namely strained capacity — intensify. Strong consumer demand, coupled with labor shortages throughout the logistics industry, is a recipe for frustration and imbalance. Many of the conversations surrounding peak season headwinds center around shippers, but carriers also face challenges during this time. 

“The reality is that peak season has been around for a long time, and it is going to intensify even more through the end of this year,” said Donna Kintop, DDC senior vice president of client experience. “We’ve got this huge backlog coming out of the West Coast. We’re still dealing with labor shortages that impact our docks, our drivers, and our internal resources. Our carriers are at capacity.”

Striving to meet the market’s demands while also prioritizing routine business practices like timely, accurate billing can take its toll. Carriers have been preparing for this tough season by making sure all their business processes are as efficient and effective as possible. Kintop also recommends carriers utilize their established partners as much as possible in order to make it through the upcoming holiday season.

“We, as an operational partner, make sure we have quality practices in place regardless of volumes,” Kintop said. “While you may see a higher volume, as long as you stick with what you know and make sure bills are being examined and put through with the highest level of accuracy, you’re going to be able to minimize any kind of reinvoicing or customer dissatisfaction.”

Established partnerships with companies like DDC become critical when carriers attempt to scale up to adjust to higher volumes and strong consumer demand. Through these partnerships, carriers are able to focus on keeping trucks moving while someone else worries about things like invoicing. This collaborative approach helps carriers avoid errors, leading to better customer service and a more efficient operation.

“We have regular dialogue with our clients,” Kintop said. “As their situations change due to the market or their customers, we’re able to adapt with them. We have to understand their forecasts and work with them very carefully, making sure we are able to flex our teams and our processes to help them.”

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