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Eric Kulisch Sunday, November 29, 2020

Aviation groups reach compromise on airport slot relief

In the airline world, slots doesn’t mean playing the slot machines in Las Vegas. Slots are how big airports divide up available windows for takeoffs and landings among airlines. Airlines want regulators to cut them some slack on meeting their flight quotas during COVID, but competitors say they want an opportunity to fill the void.

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Eric Kulisch Friday, September 11, 2020

Air cargo’s moon shot: Get COVID vaccine to world

Whether or not President Donald Trump’s optimism about an October surprise comes to fruition, there could be an approved coronavirus vaccine next year. A giant flotilla of all-cargo planes will be deployed to deliver the medicine around the world, but airlines are already short of capacity and there isn’t yet enough refrigerated infrastructure to safely store that much vaccine. Airlines are issuing a call to action.

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