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Tech Roundup: Verizon Connect, SkyBitz, Lytx and more introduce new tech

Verizon Connect announced an integrated dashcam solution that generates an event log with in-cab video alongside road-facing footage for more context on events. (Photo: Verizon Connect)

Verizon has introduced an integrated driver-facing dashcam as the technology provider works to improve driver coaching and improve the nation’s fleet safety profile.

That is one of several technology-related products that were announced last week. Rand McNally, SkyBitz, Lytx and Cargo Chief also introduced products. Here is a short roundup of this week’s news.

Verizon Connect announces integrated video

Verizon Connect’s Integrated Video for Reveal solution features a driver-facing dashcam that captures the in-cab driver perspective. The single, integrated platform inclusive of telematics, dual video and artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced with machine learning can help businesses improve driver behavior and better understand details of specific driving events, Verizon said.

The solution features a Reveal event log with the in-cab video alongside road-facing footage to provide context to why the driver reacted in the way he or she did. Video on demand provides 40-second footage from both road- and driver-facing cameras and can be downloaded as a .mp4 file.

Harsh driving event notifications can be sent in near real time so fleet managers are aware of events immediately following their occurrence.

“Fleet managers want context around the moments leading up to harsh driving events like harsh braking and hard cornering to help protect themselves against false claims and coach drivers accordingly,” said Erin Cave, director of product management at Verizon Connect. “With a driver-facing dashcam, fleet managers have the next iteration in video dashcam solutions that help provide the additional context they need to make decisions that ultimately improve the bottom line — all from a single, integrated platform.”

Rand McNally launches second-generation OverDryve Pro

Rand McNally announced the second generation of its OverDryve Pro trucking device. The OverDryve 8 Pro II offers navigation, SiriusXM radio, hands-free calling and texting, and web browsing and can record dashcam footage.

The device is powered by Rand Navigation 2.0, the company’s proprietary navigation that debuted earlier this year. There is a fully adjustable built-in dashcam with a magnetic mount that allows the device to be easily snapped in or out of the holder.

The OverDryve 8 Pro II features an 8-inch screen, Bluetooth speaker, more battery capacity than the previous iteration, live traffic, current fuel prices, weather conditions and mileage and fuel logs. It is ELD ready with the Rand McNally DriverConnect app included.

SkyBitz announces next-gen GPS trailer tracking

SkyBitz has introduced SkyBitz Kinnect, its next-generation GPS tracking solution for trailers. SkyBitz Kinnect integrates sensor data from trailers and containers into a single communications device, allowing customers to easily tap into asset data for cargo visibility in real time.

The company said SkyBitz Kinnect serves as the foundation for SkyBitz SmartTrailer offerings, which combine high processing power, wireless technology, a large capacity solar rechargeable battery and an optional tether capability into a flexible and expandable telematics platform.

SkyBitz Kinnect supports wireless sensors that provide cargo and door status and cargo images. It is designed for installation on multiple asset types, including dry van trailers, flatbeds, tankers, intermodal containers and chassis.

“As leaders in digital connectivity, we are excited to introduce the industry’s most advanced telematics device ever, SkyBitz Kinnect,” said Siamak Azmoudeh, vice president of product line management for SkyBitz. “SkyBitz Kinnect raises the bar for telematics performance, driving profitability with exact location and statuses of trailers or intermodal containers in real time. Additional wireless sensors capabilities deliver SmartTrailer information, driving higher levels of productivity.”

Lytx announces new technologies to identify driver risk

Lytx announced several new technologies that it said will more accurately and quickly identify driving risk.

The company is adding an “inattentive” trigger to its offerings. The trigger uses proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) to detect when the driver’s attention may be unfocused or the driver may be experiencing a condition such as fatigue or drowsiness without the reliance on an accelerometer event.

Also added are real-time in-cab alerts for seven different risky driving behaviors: cellphone use, eating and drinking, smoking, no seatbelt, speeding and inattentiveness. It also includes behavior duration reporting, which uses MV+AI to track and quantify both the duration and percentage of drive time a driver was engaged in a risky driving behavior, providing a more holistic view of persistent risk.

When these technologies detect an event, the DriveCam Event Recorder will issue a real-time in-cab alert to help drivers recognize and address their own risky behaviors and self-correct in the moment, the company said. Depending on the behavior, the alert will include a light and/or spoken phrase.

Drivers will also have access to new check-in tools allowing them to review their own video and performance after the fact, including behavior duration.

Lytx can now detect more than 60 risky driving behaviors with greater than 95% accuracy, the company noted.

The company also expanded its Risk Identification Without Recording safety solution with new distracted driver or unwanted driving behavior pattern detections. This solution identifies these behaviors without recording video of the driver.

This configuration is designed for fleets that opt to disable in-cab video recording but still want to benefit from the safety systems capabilities.

Cargo Chief announces real-time pricing engine

Cargo Chief has announced LaneMaster, a real-time pricing engine that utilizes a consortium model that gathers high-definition, anonymous full truckload rate data the moment that loads are booked, the company explained. The pricing data is updated instantly from thousands of daily transactions to include origins, destinations, mileage, trailer types, pickup dates and rate details.

Utilizing a proprietary algorithm, LaneMaser collects rate data through application programming interfaces that integrate with transportation management systems, capturing the data from actual freight transactions.

“LaneMaster helps 3PLs grow their margins and speed rate negotiations with carriers by setting realistic pricing targets using the most current, accurate and relevant rate data in the industry,” said Russell Jones, CEO and co-founder of Cargo Chief. “Uniquely, LaneMaster shows users what other professionals are currently paying in the requested lane to build confidence in negotiations.”

Cargo Chief has integrations (or will have integrations) with AscendTMS, BrokerPro TMS, ePay Processor, Freightgate TMS, HubTek, LoadStop TMS, Navigator TMS, SwanLeap TMS. All partners in the consortium are or will resell the LaneMaster services to shipper, 3PL and carrier customers, the company said.

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