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Tenstreet offers 1-stop shop for hassle-free hiring

Job Store helps carriers attract top-notch drivers even in a tough market

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Hiring is always a hot topic in trucking. The industry has struggled to keep trucks filled for years, and pandemic-fueled labor shortages have only made that task more daunting. While hiring and turnover rates are expected to reach something of an equilibrium across all industries in 2023, openings remain elevated. 

As consumer demand wanes and capacity loosens, carriers will have less money — and energy — to funnel into hiring. Finding an intuitive solution that works, regardless of market conditions, is more important now than ever.

Tenstreet’s Job Store allows clients to post their openings across major job boards, partners, and social media websites from one central platform, seriously cutting down on the amount of time companies must spend fine-tuning, managing and checking up on listings. 

The Job Store also provides clients with next-level transparency, breaking down spend on a per-post basis and providing application-to-hire metrics for every listing. When companies are armed with this kind of data, it is easy to decide which platforms are worth investing in and which are not returning expected results. 

“I would recommend Job Store to any manager or leader of talent acquisition in logistics because it is a free service and because of Concierge. Without Concierge, you’re doing this ad hoc,” said Dan Malone, director of driver recruiting, retention and HR for Evennon Transportation. “The information Tenstreet gives us is key. We have data and analytics on the efficiency of each individual channel.”

Tenstreet’s Concierge team offers clients a full-time, dedicated expert to help them with their hiring needs. Their insights can range from periodic advice on ad placements to full-service support with multi-terminal, multi-position hiring operations, according to Scott Foster, who works in advertising operations for Tenstreet.. Concierge service is provided at no cost to clients.  

“Ultimately, we differ from ad agencies because our business model does not revolve around extracting more and more dollars from you for advertising,” says Foster.  “When you fill your trucks and are ready to cut back on your ad spend, we celebrate that.”

Malone has seen the differences between the Job Store and other platforms firsthand. For him, the difference lies in the data.

“There is no true comparison between Tenstreet and traditional ad agencies because the data you need to make decisions is available in Tenstreet,” Malone said. “It is a neutral third party presenting the data scientifically, without prejudice, from one channel to another based on the one metric that is really important: cost per hire.”

Working with Tenstreet allows companies to streamline their postings on external platforms, but it also gives them the opportunity to attract drivers via Pulse Match. With over 1 million unique drivers on Tenstreet’s Driver Pulse app, this is a valuable asset to any hiring manager. 

“The power of Driver Pulse and Pulse Match is not in the matching — lots of places let applicants search for jobs. The power lies in the fact that applications that come in are overwhelmingly going to be fully completed IntelliApps from drivers who are engaged and responsive inside Pulse,” Foster said. “The messaging, forms, and orientation functions that connect drivers and carriers inside Pulse streamlines the entire hiring process, resulting in better hire rates and a better experience for drivers.”

Job Store is designed to be an out-of-the-box hiring solution, but it plays nicely with Tenstreet’s other offerings as well. The company boasts other tools that allow talent acquisition leaders to dive deeper into their hiring and marketing data.

Tenstreet offers marketing solutions designed to help clients extract more value from leads or applications they have already paid for, whether they originated from a Job Store post, an agency, or their own marketing efforts. The company also offers Origins, a tool designed to track long-term cost-per-hire, and conversion data across different marketing channels over time.  

When companies have this kind of data in their arsenal, they are able to allocate their marketing dollars in the most effective way possible. This is helpful in any industry, but it is especially important in more opaque markets like trucking. 

“With storm clouds on the horizon in 2023, we want our clients to be ready to weather whatever comes next,” Foster said.

Start January off right — join Job Store Experts Scott Foster and George Baronti on Tenstreet’s upcoming “Advertising in the New Year” webinar to learn how to maximize your advertising budget and get ahead of the competition in 2023.

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